Thursday, June 2, 2011

CCOAIB Consultancy Job Vacancy in Kigali Rwanda

Job Title: Consultancy (CCOAIB)

Background and context:
CCOAIB, created in 1987, is an Umbrella Organisation of Rwandan Local NGOs engaged in development. It serves as a framework for exchange, consultation, advocacy, dialogue, negotiation and solidarity for its members. CCOAIB’s core business is reinforcing member organizations capacities in promoting sustainable development in Rwanda. Its key objectives include the provision of information and skills, the creation of platforms to enable its members to engage actively in national policy development and implementation processes.

It is in this context that CCOAIB has partnered with the Norwegian People’s Aid (NPA) to implement a number of activities under the PPIMA Project. The PPIMA Project is a civil society support project aiming at promoting an active interest among Rwandan Civil Society Organizations and citizens in public policy issues and supporting them to organize themselves and acquire the skills they need to engage effectively in national and local level processes of policy formulation, implementation and management.

Purpose of the Consultancy
The Economic Development and Poverty Reduction Strategy (EDPRS) was developed to address a range of developmental challenges faced by the Rwandans. A key challenge in this regard was the high levels of poverty among Rwandans, arising particularly from the consequences of the 1994 fwandan Genocide. CCOAIB in collaboration with NPA intends to undertake Mid-course Review of the EDPRS in order appreciate the efforts and successes achieved by the government of Rwandan in itsT6titavor to reduce poverty and improve the wellbeing of the Rwandan population, in particular, poor rural communities, as well as the challenges encountered and the gaps that still remain to be addressed in delivering this goal. The focus of the review will be on the key social sectors that have the highest impact and dividends on poverty reduction, namely education, health, agriculture, governance and rural infrastructure.

Objective of the Mid-course Review:
The overall objective of the mid-course review is to assess and determine the extent to which the EDPRS has contributed to improving the welfare of Rwandan citizens especially the poor and to identify gaps and opportunities to further enhance the achievement of this goal.

Consultant (s) profiles
CCOAIB seeks the services of 1 regional public policy expert, assisted by 1 national expert to undertake this review. The consultants must meet the following profiles
* Minimum of a Masters degree in a relevant development field such as public policy, economics, development Management or M&E for the service team leader. The national expert shall also possess a Masters degree in a relevant field
* Extensive knowledge and experience (not less than 5 years) in undertaking reviews, evaluations and impact assessment of Multidisciplinary and multi-sectoral socio economic development policies and programmes
* Extensive knowledge of Poverty reduction,.economic development strategies and government budgets and budgeting processes
* Proven Knowledge of Rwanda’s social and economic development policies and programmes
* Proficiency in spoken and written English for both consultants. The national expert will in addition be proficient in spoken and written Kinyarwanda. Knowledge4.4 French will be an added advantage
* Extensive experience with NGO development work, especially in Public policy advocacy

Duration of the consultancy:
The consultancy will run for a period not more than 30 paid days and is expected to commence from the 20/06/2011

Interested applicants who fulfill the requirements set here-in should present an expression of interest letter, a detailed CV/capability profile, together with a Technical and Financial offer. For in-country applicants, the Technical offer and the Financial Offer should be in separate sealed envelopes, both put in one big envelope and addressed to: The Executive Secretary, CCOAIB, P. O. Box 1993, Kigali. Rwanda. The application should be delivered at CCOAIB’s offices on Umuganda Avenue not later than COB 07/06/2011.

The applicant should indicate in the application letter if they are applying for the national expert or regional expert position. The envelopes shall be publicly opened on 09/06/2001 at
Only successful applicants shall subsequently be notified.

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