MIFOTRA 19 Various Jobs Vacancies in Kigali, Rwanda

Ministry of Public Service and Labor (MIFOTRA) wishes to recruit the civil servants on the following vacant positions :

1. PUBLIC PROCUREMENT OFFICER (1) A0 Procurement, Purchase, Management, Accounting, Public Finance, Economics, Law, Engineering or other relevant field qualifications related to specific domain
  • Supervise procurement process in the institution
  • To prepare and publish the annual procurement plan.
  • To prepare bidding documents.
  • To publish and distribute invitations to bid.
  • To receive and safe keeping of bids.
  • To obtain approvals for the award recommendations from competent authorities ;
  • To prepare notification of tender award ;
  • To publish the results of tender ;
  • To act as Secretary of Tender Committee ;
  • Monitor contract management
  • To ensure adequate contract execution in collaboration with the beneficiary department ;
  • Preparation of reports and records
  • To provide information and documents requested by Rwanda Public Procurement Authority ;
  • Produce regular report as stipulated in the procurement regulations ;
  • To keep proper procurement proceeding records.
2. INDIVIDUAL PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT (1) Master or Equivalent in Public Administration, Management, Economics, Public Policy or A0 in Public Administration , Management, Economics ; Or other relevant field
  • Elaborate the policy of performance evaluation of public institutions of an of the civil servants ;
  • Implement a system to manage the performance of the institutions and of the agents of the State in order to evaluate their efficiency : Elaborate an appropriate mechanisms to manage the performance of the institutions and of the agents of the State - Set up a methodology (procedures and tools) to evaluate the performances of the public services and agents ;
  • Disseminate these supports and organise the relevant trainings of the HR managers of the public institutions ;
  • Monitor the implementation of the performance evaluation system inside the public institutions ;
  • Organize the regular evaluation of the performances of the institutions and agents of the State - Prepare and transmit to the institutions the corresponding supports - Follow the progress of the evaluation process into the public institutions ;
  • Analyze the statement of the performance of the public institutions and of their Human resources - Collate the reports of evaluation passed on by the institutions and compare the results with the performance indicators related to the modernisation and to the reform of the Administration
3. PUBLIC SERVICE INSPECTION & LITIGATIONS (2) : Master or Equivalent in Law, Ao in Law
  • Providing advice on Legal issues in disputes submitted to the Ministry and Providing advice to the Decision makers ;
  • Develop mechanisms to monitor and control the Implementation of the HR management Policies, Programs and the Compliance of salary, advantages and HR management laws and regulations ;
  • Propose and conduct relevant administrative inspections into the public institutions.
4. DIRECTOR OF PLANNING, CAPACITY BUILDING & REFORM UNIT (1) : Master or Equivalent in Public Administration , Development Studies, Public Policy ,Economics, Management with 1 year working experience in Public Administration. or A0 in Public Administration , Development Studies, Public Policy ,Economics, Management ; Or other relevant field with 3 year working experience
  • Coordinate the elaboration and updating of the national policies, programs and standards related to Public sector Reform, Modernisation and Development ;
  • Coordinate the elaboration or amendment of legal texts and regulations that the reform and the modernisation of the Public Service imply to adapt their organisation and HR management ;
  • Follow the evolution of the performance indicators to measure the level of development of the fields of activities he has in charge :
  • Evaluate the implementation of the national policies, programs, laws and regulations related to Public sector Reform, Modernisation, Development and capacity building inside the State institutions at central and decentralised levels ;
  • Coordinate, control and orientate the activities of the pool of experts under supervision ;
  • Mobilise necessary partners and resources for conducting and developing the programs in charge of the pool.
5. PROFESSIONAL IN CHARGE OF CAPACITY BUILDING (1) : Master’s degree or equivalent in Human Resources Management, Public Administration, Management or Ao in Human Resources Management, Public Administration, Management or other relevant field
  • Identify training needs of Public Servants :
  • Remind institutions to produce the annual training plans ;
  • Define priorities and strategic training by sector and category of staff in liaison with the relevant sectoral institutions and in relation to the felt needs of the labor market ;
  • Consolidate data with identity needs carried out in all public institutions ;
  • Enter data on training in a dynamic database and easily exploitable.
  • Develop the annual training plan for Public Servants ;
  • Analyze, validate and consolidate the annual training plans of institutions by sector ;
  • Develop and budget the annual national training plan ;
  • Develop mechanisms for the implementation of the national annual training of Public Servants ;
  • Facilitate the implementation of training programs :
  • Search and inform Public Servant on training organized inside and outside the country that can contribute to capacity building development ;
  • Receive, analyze and produce time the traveling document’’ A qui de droit’’ ;
  • Follow the proper conduct of training by regular correspondence with dune care centers or universities that hosted the officers sent for training ;
  • Exploit or check on training report ;
  • Maintain a database on the progress of the training officers Public Servants ;
  • Produce annual reports on training
6. PLANNING, MONITORING AND EVALUATION OFFICER (1) : Master or Equivalent in Economics , Management, Development Studies Or Ao Planning, Economics, Management, Development Studies ; or other relevant field
  • Prepare sector policies, strategies and plans :
  • Collect the data and evidence for elaboration of sector policies , strategies and plans Prepare the terms of reference of new projects ;
  • Establish the performance indicators of the sector programs and activities ;
  • Ensure that the strategic plans are results-oriented Consolidate the plan of actions of units and agencies under the Ministry ;
  • Develop sector investment plans Develop and strengthen a relationship with stakeholders and organize meetings for annual review and reviews at the end of programs Coordinate the budget preparation Consolidate the budget from different units ;
  • Ensure the linkage between the plans and the budgets Prepare the MTEFs Monitor and evaluate : Monitor the budget implementation according to programs and projects planned ;
  • Analyse the reports on programs implementation and evaluate results of programs and projects ;
  • Analyze and strengthen statistical data base of the institution Ensure availability of statistical data for policy making Monitor the budget execution :
  • Evaluate the impact of the implementation of policies and programs Establish institutional relationship with Local Government
  • Other duties that he/she will be assigned by his /her supervisor.
7. CHIEF LABOUR INSPECTOR (1) : Master or Equivalent in Labour Administration, Public Administration, Labour Psychology, Law. or A0 Labour Administration, Public Administration, Labour Psychology, HR Management, Sociology, Law.
  • Coordinate the Labour inspections into the districts : Prepare the technical instructions for the Labour inspectors– Verify the respect of the periodicity of the inspections on all the territory per sectors of activities ;
  • Develop and elaborate a guideline for the Labours inspectors ;
  • Proceed to punctual inspections on the field into the private enterprises and industries ;
  • Follow the evolution of legislation and regulation compliance in matter of work and social security by the enterprises : Analyse the periodical inspection reports received from the districts Labour inspectors – Work out the statement of the respect of the regulation in matters of labour and employment at national level ;
  • Promote collective sector agreements : Verify that the collective conventions are correctly applied – Play the role of Obdusman in the negotiation of the national collective agreements – Participate to their signature ;
  • Establish fair working relations between the employers organisations, the workers trade-unions, and other professional associations : Organise information campaigns at national level to sensitize the employers and workers on their rights and obligations – Implement mechanisms facilitating the development of good relationships between employers and workers ;
  • Analyse and settle the problems of the representativeness of professional organizations ;
  • Analyse the files, received at the ministry, on complaints that have not been settled at the level of the district and provincial inspectors – Give pertinent advices on the cases – Manage collective labour dispute having a national audience – Follow the development and conclusions of the Court – Settle the litigation between professional associations ;
  • Participate to the think tanks to improve the legal texts regulating the labour and employment in Rwanda – Collect and preserve the decisions on cases setting legal precedent in Labour laws – Formulate proposals to improve the working conditions ;
  • Contribute to the preparation of international agreements and of the conventions related to Labour and Employment – Elaborate and follow the files on cooperation with ILO/IPEC, UNICEF, etc. ;
  • Ensure the secretariat of the National Labour Council and of the Social Dialogue Experts Cell.
8. INTERNAL AUDITOR (1) : Ao in Finance, Accounting, or Management specialising in Finance/ Accounting
To be in charge of the whole system of control established by the Government :
  • Run the business of the Ministry in an ordinary manner,
  • Safe guard the assets of the Ministry
  • Maintain records of financial matters and liability of records for appropriate decision making
Ensure controls regarding :
  • Plans and programs as well as its organizational structure
  • Conduct physical and personnel controls (procedures concerning human resources management, assets controls......)
  • Conduct accounting control ( verify the regular updating of the accountancy books at different level of the administration ; verify the regular updating of the accountancy books ; verify the compliance, the legality and accuracy of all debts documents ; verify that the account operations correspond to assets movement and are cross checked at reasonable intervals, and that theses assets exist
  • Verify the supervisory and control managerial control to ensure the decisions making are properly done
Ensure a proper internal audit :
  • Conduct a independent and continuous appraisal of activities to ensure that all others controls are operating accordingly to practices as described by Govs
  • Propose useful amendments to improve the procedures, supports, and rules related to a priori and a posteriori budgetary controls and of financial and accountancy operations
To make follow-up on the implementation of the Auditor General’s recommendations :
  • To analyze reports of the Auditor General of State Finances concerning the Ministry
  • To ensure implementation of recommendations of the Auditor General of State Finances directed to the Ministry and provide advice thereupon.
9. DIRECTOR OF CIVIL SERVANTS REMUNERATION UNIT (1) : Master or Equivalent in Economics, Public Administration, Management, Finance , Socio-Economics with 1 year working experience . or A0 in Economics, Public Administration, Management, Finance, Socio-Economics ; Or other relevant field with 3 years working experience
  • Coordinate the implementation of Public Service Pay and Retention Policies ;
  • Develop, advise, coordinate, monitor, evaluate and report, as well as ensure that decisions are implemented for public sector on matters related to salaries, wages, allowances and benefits in the public service ;
  • Coordinate, monitor, evaluate and report on pensions and social security related matters across the public sector ;
  • Manage, monitor, evaluate and report on the Integrated Payroll and Personnel System ;
  • Plan and manage the wage bill, in collaboration with concerned Public institutions ;
  • Analyze, monitor and evaluate wage bill and employment trends across the public sector ;
  • Develop and monitor allowances and benefits of public servants ;
  • Develop and/or adjust salary structures for the public service.
  • Develop mechanisms to attract and retain requisite skills in the public sector ;
  • Manage and coordinate all pension and social security related issues ;
  • Develop, manage, collect data, update records and provide reports on and from the Integrated Payroll and Personnel System ;
10. REMUNERATION POLICY AND RESEARCH PROFESSIONAL (2) : Master or Equivalent in Economics, Management, Socio-Economics, Finance, Public Administration, or A0 in Economics, Management, Socio-Economics, Finance, Public Administration ; Or other relevant field
  • The Remuneration Policy and Research Professional will have the following functions :
  • Undertake research on salaries, benefits, allowances, incentives and retention across the economy ;
  • Work out, analyze and defend near the authorities all the Projects relating to social domains as well as putting the Government employees under the good working conditions ;
  • Gather, analyze and present for the appreciation of the authorities, the elements of feasibibility of projects relating to the residences or the transport of the Government employees ;
  • Identify the motivating elements to be promoted in the Public Service ;
11. OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH AND SAFETY (1)Master or Equivalent in Public Health, Environmental Health. Or A0 Public Health, Environmental Health ; Or other relevant field
  • Elaborate the national policy and strategies to develop the Social Security of workers (retirement pension and benefit, etc) and of security at work (prevention of accidents, of professional diseases (including HIV prevention) ;
  • Develop and implement the strategies and programmes to promote the sensitization of employers and workers in matter of security and health at work ;
  • Organize sensitization operations for the workers in matter of fight and prevention against HIV/AIDS - Propose the installation of reception cells inside enterprises (according to their dimension) to keep inform the workers ;
  • Consolidate the data and produce periodical statements on the Social Security
12. SECRETARY (3) : A1 in secretariat ; Or other relevant field
  • Ensure fast and accurate computer-capturing documents and mails of the institution which are processed by the central Secretariat ;
  • Carry out recording of archives, files and documents
13. EMPLOYMENT PROMOTION MONITORING AND EVALUATION (M&E) SPECIALIST (1) : Master’s degree in statistics or Ao economics and other relevant field ;
  • Design and introduce a monitoring and evaluation system for measuring outcomes, output and implementation progress of Policies and Programs in the field of Employment Promotion and Labor Market Developments ;
  • Design monitoring strategies and processes, including elaboration of relevant indicators and qualitative and quantitative assessment methods ;
  • Compile information on general developments and progress of the Labor Market and employment promotion activities ;
  • Develop and maintain a documentation system/data base on monitoring and evaluation results ;
  • Prepare regular information sharing, reports and presentations on monitoring results, including highlights of progress, best practices, obstacles and gaps ;
  • Identify and promote networking with relevant stakeholders for monitoring and evaluation ;
  • Coordinate and participate in joint M&E programming activities with other government institutions and major stakeholders ;
  • Close collaboration with Labor Market Economist and other staff within the same unit at MIFOTRA.
14. LABOUR MARKET ECONOMIST (1) : Master or Equivalent in Applied Labour Economics, Economics, Labour Economics, Development Studies, Socio-Economics, or Ao Economics, Labour Economics, Development Studies, Socio-Economics,
  • Analyze and interpret Labour Market relevant statistics, data and information, in close collaboration with Labour Market Researcher and other staff in the same unit ;
  • Develop models to analyze and interpret economic behavior and patterns related to employment promotion ;
  • Establish facts and draw valid conclusions about labor market developments and forecast labor market activities with regard to future prospects for employment.
  • Undertake analysis of socio-economic factors related to labor market behavior,
  • Analyze labor mobility across all economic sectors,
  • Identify factors that hamper employment creation and sustainability,
  • Prepare recommendations for labor market demands and employment relevant strategies, based on analysis and conclusions of Labor Market ;
  • Interpret a wide variety of further employment relevant information and prepare meaningful, precise and accurate reports to prepare MIFOTRA’s management decision,
  • Elaborate and prepare Labor Market analysis and interpretation results for internal and external information requirements, reporting, presentations and publications by MIFOTRA
15. SKILLS DEVELOPMENT POLICY EXPERT (1) : Master or Equivalent in Public Administration, Education Science, Social Sciences, Labour Psychology or A0 in Public Administration, Education Sciences, Social Sciences, Labour Psychology ; Or other relevant field
  • Elaborate, implement and evaluate the impact of the national Capacity building policy to develop the competencies of the national manpower ;
  • Collect information with the experts in charge of the development in all various economic sectors of activities of the country (in ministries, agencies, districts, etc.) and with the main employers unions ;
  • Analyse the information given also by the « Labour Market Research and Data Management » on the identified needs per sectors of activities, according to existing national competences ;
  • Cooperate with the ministry of Education, Universities and the Rwandan Development Board, so as to adjust the initial, professional and technical education programs to the priorities that have been identified to answer the national needs ;
  • Organise sensitization campaigns of the operators of the private sector and of the population to invest in training and apprenticeship ;
  • Develop and implement mechanisms to promote auto job training ;
  • Produce the annual balance stating the national competencies and indicating the shortfall and saturated competences per sectors of activities and geographical areas in Rwanda
All Interested Applicants should come and pick the Application form at the Ministry of Public Service and Labour (MIFOTRA), in Human Resource’s Office or download it from the website of P.S.C (www.psc.gov.rw), this job announcement is also available at MIFOTRA’s website (www.mifotra.gov.rw), not later than 09/01/2012 which will be the deadline of submitting the Application form at 17.00 PM Sharp. Written tests and interviews will be held later to selected successful candidates.
N.B : The Application form should be together with a non notified of the required degree and a photocopy of the Nation Identity Card. Successful Candidates must be ready to start work immediately.


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