Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Request for Proposals – EGPAF Rwanda IT Systems Support Job Vacancy in Rwanda

Project Scope
The Rwanda office of Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation (EGPAF) seeks supplemental information technology support for the Kigali Office and 48 remote site locations. Services include email account
management, network infrastructure administration and configuration, PC and desktop support, and other computing system support.

EGPAF seeks a managed service model in which technical support will be provided through a partnership between EGPAF Rwanda and the selected vendor. The vendor shall supply “level 1 support” (regular tech support during business hours) and occasional Level 2 (non-business hour) support. This on-call support will be provided 24 hours a day on an as-needed basis to end on November 30, 2012. This support must be provided through multiple inputs, including in person and remote (email, telephone, Skype, etc)),
Proposed Products and Pricing

All costs must be inclusive of administrative support, supplies, office supplies, pagers, cell phones, parking fees, meals, lodging, rents, mileage, travel expenses, insurance, overhead, profit, and costs for all other items consumed/utilized/required by successful respondent’s staff. Total costs proposed will be used in the evaluation of the respondent’s response. Items or costs not identified in the successful respondent’s pricing bid will be the sole responsibility of the successful respondent.

Respondent’s proposal must address the following items:
1. Must provide IT support for EGPAF environment. EGPAF’s environment is:
a. 50 Computers Installed Microsoft Windows 7 and Microsoft windows XP (laptops mostly)
b. 2 Servers (Domain Server installed Windows 2003 and File Server Installed windows 2008)
c. 8 printers
d. Microsoft Office Suite and other key applications
2. Must be a preferred certified partner of Microsoft and be able to provide end user support for all EGPAF technologies.
3. Must be able to provide support for commonly used enterprise applications in technologies. Examples include; Microsoft Office, Skype, etc.
4. The vendor must offer support scaling options, EGPAF requires the flexibility to adjust support options as they relate to emerging technologies.
5. Provide customized service level agreements.

Evaluation Criteria
• Capability, Compliance and Experience of the Proposing Contractor:
o References of previous successful projects of work.
o Recent demonstrated capabilities.
• Cost
• Proposal implementation plan
o Detailed statement of approach to implement the proposal.
• Staff Selection
o Detail qualifications, education and/or training and related work experiences.
o Ability to provide help desk services and supporting application


Fixed-price contract though we understand some aspects may require T&M.

Each proposal must contain:
• A brief overview (two to four pages) of how the scope of work will be accomplished.
• CVs/résumés.
• Three professional references for this type of work with phone and email contact information. Please provide at least one nonprofit reference.
• Price of the work expressed in monthly rate.
Inquiries should be directed to:

Completed proposals must be delivered electronically by June 13th 2012 to:

Any proposal not addressing each of the foregoing items could be considered non-responsive.
• Late proposals will be rejected without being considered.
This RFP is not an offer to enter into agreement with any party, but rather a request to receive proposals from persons or firms interested in providing the described services. Such proposals shall be considered and treated by the Foundation as offers to enter into an agreement. The Foundation reserves the right to reject all proposals, in whole or in part, and/or enter into negotiations with any party.
The Foundation shall not be obligated for the payment of any sums whatsoever to any recipient of this RFP until and unless a written contract between the parties is executed. Consultant’s time spent on preparing a proposal to respond to this solicitation will not be compensated by the Foundation.

Done at Kigali June 5th 2012

Cornelia van ZYL
EGAPF Rwanda Country Director

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