Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Call for Expression of Interests for Pre-Qualification of Suppliers and Service Providers for Oxfam Rwanda Programme for the Period 2016-2018.

Call for Expression of Interests for Pre-Qualification of Suppliers and Service Providers for Oxfam Rwanda Programme for the Period 2016-2018.
OXFAM has been working in Rwanda since1960. OXFAM’s programmes include interventions related to Humanitarian, Sustainable livelihoods, Participatory Governance and Gender Justice.
The purpose of this call for Expression of Interest is to short list legally registered service providers with pre-requisite qualifications to
be considered for contractual purposes to handle the listed range of services for the needs of OXFAM’s activities in Rwanda for the period running from 2016 to 2018.
OXFAM in Rwanda Programme is inviting qualified and reputable suppliers and/or service providers to submit their proposals for supply and delivery of Goods and services as described below.
Category 1: Supply of goods
Description of goods/materials
Cat 1.1
Supply of Chemicals for the water treatment plant
Cat 1.2
Production & Supplying Promotional materials like T-shirts, hats, flags, Banners etc…
Cat 1.3
Supply of Non Food Items and hygiene kits for hygiene promotion (jerry-cans, basins, plastic cups, jugs, buckets, soaps, hand-washing facilities, etc)
Cat 1.4
Supply of hardware materials (water pumps, pipes, water tanks,  plumbing and electricity materials,  and other spare parts)
Cat 1.5
Supply of Kitchen and house cleaning products
Cat 1.6
Supply of General Office supplies (Stationery)
Cat 1.7
Supply of IT equipments and electronic equipments
Cat 1.8
Supply of vehicle and generator spare parts (including tyres)
Cat 1.9
Supply of furniture and office equipments.
Cat 1.10
Supply of drinking water and milk
Cat 1.11
Supply of Pharmaceutical, laboratory and health care items
Category 2: Provision of consultancy services
Description of consultancy services
Cat 2.1
Survey /research in Agriculture and Sustainable livelihoods
Cat 2.2
Survey /research in participatory governance
Cat 2.3
Survey /research in Gender and women’s rights
Cat 2.4
Consultancy in Policy analysis, research and gender Mainstreaming
Cat 2.5
Knowledge, Attitude and Practices (KAP) survey
Cat 2.6
Consultancy in Project proposal writing
Cat 2.7
Consultancy in GALS Methodology
Category 3: Other services
Description of Services
Cat 3.1
Transport Services (taxi services, hiring of vehicles like 4WD cars, mini and larger buses, mini and larger trucks, etc)
Cat 3.2
Accommodation services and catering/food services (including workshop facilities and conference rooms)
Cat 3.3
Customs clearing services
Cat 3.4
Travel agency services (supply of air tickets and related services)
Cat 3.5
Advertisement services/Media houses
Cat 3.6
Office cleaning services
Cat 3.7
Provision of IT services and Maintenance Services for Photocopiers machines, printers, servers and computers
Cat 3.8
Repair and maintenance of vehicles, generator and fire extinguishers
Cat 3.9
Construction & house maintenance services (including plumbing and electricity repair)
Cat 3.10
Supply of telecommunication services (including supply of airtime, supply of internet services)
Cat 3.11
Supply of electricity cash power
Cat 3.12
Communication and recording services (photography and video services)
Cat 3.13
Translation/interpretation services (French, English and Kinyarwanda)
Cat 3.14
Meeting/conference facilitation and rapporteur services
Cat 3.15
Auditing services and other related services
Cat 3.16
Insurance services
Cat 3.17
Security services
Cat 3.18
Fumigation services
OXFAM in Rwanda Programme reserves itself the right to reject any and all Expressions of Interest not fulfilling requirements associated with this request. OXFAM in Rwanda Programme will in no case be responsible or liable for any and all costs associated with the preparation and submission of Expressions of Interest.
The expression of interests should include the following documentation:
  • Letter of Expression of interest
  • Company profile (including skilled staff employed by the company);
  • Minimum 3 reference organisations (preferably NGOs) with the contact person (where you supplied similar services);
  • Trade license in the field of production and printing services,
  • VAT/TIN Registration
  • Tax Clearance Certificate;
  • Evidence of financial capabilities.
Well typed Expressions of interest documents (maximum 10 pages), with clear indication of the services applied for, and in a sealed envelope should be submitted either by email or as a hard copy to OXFAM in Rwanda office no later than 26th July, 2016 at 12:00 am.
Office physical address:
Rwanda Country Office
KG 5 Av. plot # 5, Kacyiru Sud
City of Kigali, Rwanda |  P.O.Box 1298
Tel: 252-501055
E-mail: Kigaliprocurement@oxfam.org.uk
OXFAM in Rwanda Programme Management

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