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Rwanda National Dairy Platform (RNDP),Production of RNDP Documentary

Terms of reference for the production of RNDP documentary
Rwanda National Dairy Platform (RNDP) is a forum of professional business operators involved in the dairy value chain of Rwanda. it is comprised of five key stakeholders namely; the cluster of producers ( dairy farmers federation); the cluster of milk sellers; the cluster of processors; the cluster of service providers and the cluster of consumers organization. The platform has received fund
ing from USAID through Land O’ Lakes in its Dairy Competitive Program II to support its activities. One of the activities earmarked for funding is the visibility program. Among the activities that have been planned for implementation under visibility program, are the preparation and development of a comprehensive documentary detailing the status of the platform and member clusters. It is in this regard that, the secretariat of the platform wishes to recruit a reputable firm or individual with the capacity and experience to develop a documentary as described above.
1. Objective of the assignment
  • To support Rwanda National Dairy Platform for more visibility in relation with Government institutions, private sector and other partners involved in dairy industry
  • To learn from RNDP Cluster members based on best practices in their respective areas
  • Enhance inter linkage between dairy clusters in order to share their experiences and replication for more benefits to the large beneficiaries
2. Results of the assignment
  • Rwanda Government institutions, private operators and other partners aware on the role of platform in promoting dairy industry
  • The system of learning and sharing among clusters enhanced and more engagement in promoting dairy industry
  • Based on the best practices encountered, new investments in dairy industry created.
  • The donors for fundraising will be aware on key achievements, success from Rwanda National Dairy Platform
  • Evidences based for more accountability and transparency vis à vis to our stakeholders
3. The consulting firm/individual will be required to undertake the following;
  • Conduct consultation with secretariat of the Platform to understand better the roles and responsibility of the Platform and its clusters
  • Conduct informative interviews with leaders of the platform; the board of directors
  • Conduct interviews with leaders of clusters; the management of clusters at provincial levels and where appropriate at national level
  • conduct group interviews  and individuals with operators within clusters; Dairy Farmers (producers); Milk sellers; Processors and Service Providers as well as Consumers Organization
  • Conduct focused interviews for dairy development supporting public and no-governmental organizations such as MINAGRI/RAB; Land O’ lakes (RDCPII); HPI; SACR; SNV; NCCR; RCA; PSF;
  • Conduct such structured interviews with local government officials; at district level- district veterinarian-randomly selected; sector vets-randomly selected;
  • Conduct interviews with any other organization/individual as may be decided by the secretariat of the platform
  • Compile and produce a two hour documentary in six copies put on original Compact Discs (CD’s) (organized in cluster format of 20 minutes each).
4. Duration of Assignment
The time requirement for the consultancy is estimated as 15 days within the period from 21st  July to 4 August 2016.
5. Contact Supervision
Rwanda National Dairy Platform has overall management of the work of the consultant. The consultant will work under the direct supervision of the Executive Director of RNDP

6. Final product and deliverables
  • An inception report in English that shows the understanding of the assignment by the consultant
  • Production of 5 to 10 high resolution photos from each cluster visited, that is a minimum  of 80 high resolution images photographs( color and black and write)
  • A comprehensive video documentary on RNDP activities with narration in English language showcasing the results, lessons and experiences of the platform
  • A summarized video  of 4-6 minutes with narration in English( with Kinyarwanda subtitles) showcasing results, lessons and experience of platform.
7. The qualified firm/individual would be required to have the following skills;
  1. Should possess a well established reputable business, registered and operational
  2. Should have the equipment necessary for the production of such a documentary i.e. a well equipped studio
  3. Must have trained personnel in video and photograph shooting
  4. Should have personnel with experience in video/photographs editing
  5. Should have skills in conducting interviews, capturing the right conversations , analyzing them and be able to produce a document relevant to the Platform
8. Submission of proposals
The consultants/individual should provide the following documents:
  1. A Technical proposal including detailed methodology clearly showing the understanding of the assignment to be performed, with a timeline, administrative requirements, contact details, CV, evidence of experience in similar tasks undertaken in the past.
  2. The consultant will be required to submit a Financial Proposal: indicating full cost in Frw with breakdown of activity costs.
  • Interested candidates should send their proposals with all the above mentioned requirements indicating that they are qualified to perform the services.
  • Applications must be addressed to the Executive Director, RNDP not later than Friday 15th September 2016 at 10h00 a.m., at RNDP offices located in Masaka (Kicukiro District), with Attention: RNDP Executive Director; Rwanda National Dairy Platform (RNDP); Masaka Bull Centre, Kicukiro District. Tel 0788 308 986 or 0788525753
  • The technical and financial proposals should be sealed in separate envelopes and enclosed in the main outer envelope.
  • Only shortlisted applicants will be contacted for the next step

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