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Save the children National Consultant Jobs in Rwanda

School Community Partnerships for Education SMS Reporting System

Terms of Reference
The Rwandan government, through the R
wanda Education Board (REB) and the Ministry of Education, is committed to improve students’ reading outcomes by creating and rolling out a unique comprehensive partnership model between schools and the community to complement efforts towards improved reading and writing instruction delivered by teachers in schools. The partnership model will support children to learn to read better and create a supportive community and a friendly home-learning environment for children as well as foster a reading culture amongst all children. The School-Community Partnerships for Education (SCOPE), a USAID-funded project implemented by Save the Children (SC) Rwanda, will contribute towards the achievement of this goal.
The SCOPE project will help to improve students’ literacy through school-community partnerships, increase effective involvement of parents to improve children’s literacy skills, as well as foster a reading culture among all children. The project will also strategically strengthen the Rwandan publishing industry by stimulating the demand and supply for high quality, low cost Kinyarwanda language reading materials and increasing their access to communities with low purchasing power. Some of the strategies to achieve this will be refresher trainings to publishers, authors, and illustrators, literacy forums, book review committees, booksellers and literacy market research, as closing the gap between publishers and local market-stall operators.
In order to monitor and improve communication channels between SCOPE project with Sector Education officers (SEOs), SCOPE will pilot a SMS data collection platform, automatically combining all SMS information into one single database at SC’s office in Kigali, to explore efficient nation-wide data collection. SEOs will be responsible to report quarterly using a simple SMS system. The system will send questions to the SEO, and he/she will text back a response. Data will be automatically aggregated into an exported spreadsheet to be easily viewed and analysed. SEOs will also report on community literacy-related events as they happen by sending, through text messaging such details as the event name, the number of schools represented, and information on attendees.
The objective of the system is to help monitor and improve communication channels between SCOPE project with the beneficiaries. The system should allow rapid communication between the project and stakeholders and should allow easy analysis of information gathered via the SMS.
Scope of Services:
With the technical support of mobile-based IT firm, SC Rwanda MEAL team will develop a SMS-based reporting System.
 The tasks of the consultancy firm will include but not be limited to the following:
  • Prepare and present an inception report, and sign confidentiality agreement
  • Development of the SMS-based reporting & communication system and produce a web-based dashboard  functionality;
  • Compile a database of phone contacts of all SEOs in Rwanda.
  • Developing the mobile interface/s for reporting (and feedback) through SMS, including the connection between the recipient entity and the database.
  • Programming to connect database with the web interface, hosting the application is a reliable and secure environment
  • Piloting and deployment of the SMS-based reporting & communication system
  • Developers will also create a detailed security plan and risk mitigation strategy to ensure that all data and user records are kept confidential and secure at all times.
  • Build in-depth capacity of the SCOPE team and SEOS on the use of the system
  • Carry out site visit to train SEOs on system management
  • Maintaining and managing the system for the period of piloting
  • Provide remote technical support for an agreed time.
  • Functional  reporting of SEOs and community literacy activities
  • Quarterly reports aggregating progress on SCOPE indicators
  • Functional SMS-based reporting & communication system between SCOPE staff and SEOs.
  • End-of-pilot assessment report on the SMS-based reporting & communication system
The system to be developed must be user-friendly and easy to use. It should allow sending and receiving SMS to a large number of people. At the beginning it should be allowed to send SMS to at least 416 people (SEOs) but this number could increase as the project may bring onboard additional implementation staff. It should be able to manage more than 416 messages per day.
The system should allow easy reporting and analysis of data gathered based on commonly used tools such as Excel. This reporting should be available on-line (web-based). The information on the dashboard should provide a clear overview of the data. In all cases, confidentiality of data should be ensured through secure access to data. SCOPE project will be paying the fee to mobile companies for the text messages sent through their network.
  • Experience of using SMS messaging in Rwanda and elsewhere in Africa.
  • The potential provider should be able to provide a detailed listing of how their SMS system will cover the whole of Rwanda, i.e. their network coverage.
  • It should be able provide reliable proof of the quality of their SMS gateway platform.
  • It should provide mechanisms for testing their SMS services before signing contract.
  • It should be able to provide assurance of SMS fail safes/backup routes in case of service failures on primary route.
Proposed contractual terms
Payments will be made on a monthly basis upon delivery and verification of agreed work deliverables. At the end of the assignment, the consultant/firm shall not claim any right of authorship or design patent on the content of the reports submitted during the assignment. It is estimated that the pilot work will end by December 2016. If successful, the SMS system will be deployed nationwide from January 2017 to January 2020.
Application specifications
Candidates interested in the consultancy work will be expected to provide the following documentation:
  • To register interest in this consultancy, please send the following documentation to
  • Please mention National Consultant – School Community Partnerships for Education SMS Reporting System as subject of your mail.
  • The deadline for receiving applications is 4th August 2016.

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