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Terms of Reference for a Website Designand Maintenance

Association Rwandaise des Conseillers en Traumatisme
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Terms of Reference for a Website Designand Maintenance
ARCT- Ruhuka is National Organization professional Trauma Counselors formed in 1998 and officially registered as non-governmental organization in 2004, under the ministerial decree no 97/11 of 28th July 2007, and is legally registered by Rwanda Governance Board with a Certificate of Compliance on the 12/09/2013.
The organization evolved from a trauma counseling program implemented by Trocaire, an Irish Charity Organization. The Organization initial members consisted of 13 ladies trained in therapeutic trauma counseling by Trocaire in 1995. The organization was formed in the aftermath of the 1994 divesting war and genocide of Tutsi with the vision of a Rwanda where all people have access to integrated mental health services. Its mission is to lead the development and application of innovative psychosocial approaches to mental health services and strengthen professional capacity in understanding, treating and preventing mental health problems.
The organization has since grown from 13 to 115 members, of whom 65 being active members. The primary focus is to support survivors of trauma, through integrated services for trauma prevention, care, and healing to facilitate peace building and development. To deliver its mission, the organization set out to professionalize trauma counseling by training counselors, Community Psychosocial Workers (CPWs) and setting and maintaining professional standards through clinical supervision among other activities.
  • Increasing the number of professionals in trauma counseling (management and healing) through training of technical counselors and psychosocial community workers.
  • Maintaining professional standards of counselors and psychosocial community workers by offering regular clinical supervision support.
  • Ensure permanent quality counseling services at different community levels
  • To intervene in traumatic  crisis situations
  • Conducting researches in order to highlight the influencing factors of psychological trauma and sensitizing people on prevention strategies.
  • Collaborate nationally, regionally and internationally with other institutions dealing with mental health, human development, peace and reconciliation and reintegration for sustainable developement.
  • Capacity building and supporting to other institutions intervening in psychosocial services.
ARCT-RUHUKA has four major holistic and complementary programs in which it implements its activities;
1. Training program: This program aims at increasing quantity, improving quality, capacities and competencies of Technical interveners (Counsellors and Community Psychosocial Workers) in psychological trauma at different levels in the community. ARCT-Ruhuka offers five specific major types of training;
  • Training of Technical Counsellors:  This has a duration of one year 6 modules of 2 weeks each and 2 months interval for practice after each module.
  • Training of Community Psychosocial Workers
10 days theory and 3 months practice.
  • Training of trainers, Clinical supervisors and Peer to peer support
For a duration of 10 days theory.
  • Much as HIV/AIDS and SGBV are integral part of the above trainings, due to many requests and demand for specific response to some issues, ARCT-Ruhuka has designed  well integrated module for the following;
  1. Curriculum for  Professional counsellors
  2. Training module for Training of Trainers and Clinical Supervisors 
  3. An Integrated training module for Community Psychosocial workers
  4. Counselling and clinical supervision program: This program ensures provision of quality counselling services at  all levels by;
    • Offering permanent, quality and professional counselling services to individual, couples, families , groups and crisis intervention (in cases of disasters, accidents...  ) both at national and provincial levels .
    • Maintaining professional ethics and standards through organized regular clinical supervision support of counsellors and psychosocial community workers in the field.
    • ARCT – Ruhuka also organise and facilitate retreats for personal development, Stress management and team building for institutions and any groups of people on request.
    • Re enforce technical skills of ARCT-Ruhuka Professional Counsellors and Community Psychosocial Workers (CPWs)
  5. Information Education and Communication (IEC) /Advocacy Program:
This is a supporting program that helps the organization to:
  • Acquire appropriate mechanisms for sensitization to raise population awareness on psychological trauma, other mental health issues and advocating for the victims.
  • Developing and conducting research, documentation and communication mechanisms and sharing
    information on trauma and organization activities.
  1. Institutional capacity building Program:
This program aims at ensuring proper mechanisms and strategies for coordination of activities within the organization.
  • Putting in place mechanisms and efficient tools for mobilization and management of organisation resources.
  • Strengthening the quality and competencies of members and staff in specific areas.
  • Building capacities of young institutions that work on psychosocial issues.
  • Developing mechanisms for sustainability and creating better strategic partnership with internal and external actors.
IV: Back ground to the Assignment
ARCT-Ruhuka had a website but  it’s  not operating at the moment , it is in this regard that ARCT TUHUKAwith support from GIZ-Zfdis looking for a well-qualified web designer for its organization that fulfils the following criteria:
  • Must be a qualified and experienced web design firm or individual;
  • Must work on diverse type  of work;
  • Must deliver Service guarantees;
  • Technology service provision;
  • Reference, etc.
III.1. Generalities
The Websiteshould be very attractive, easy to access and might be update regularly, clear and concise content. The web site should ensure the increase of visibility of ARCT RUHUKA due to the content attraction.
III.2. Classification
The website is intended to be dynamic and non-complex, with .org domain to store data as follow: Photos, reports, adverts, articles etc.  The website   would be classified in the secondclass category­(Noncomplex website).
III.3. Categorization
The website is categorized as dynamic organizational website with unlimited hosting space.
III.4. Domain Name
The website domain name must be dot org (.org) hosted at a very secure and trusted web server
III.5. Web Content Management System (CMS)
Preferably, the website should be dotted with SPIP as its Content Management System. This content might be enabled with an admin console and webmail system (to enable creation and management of internal emails from the organization' domain), Eg:
III.6. Programming Languages
The website should be made of a mix of different programming language: HTML, PHP, CSS and JavaScript.
III.7. Website Homepage Disposal
All important information should be displayed on front/homepage in manner that once opened should be viewed separately (on its own webpage). The website is intent to have as few Menus as possible but systematically arranged to enable easy submenu access. All useful social media have to be linked to the homepage. It should however provide a webmail portal to enable an internal communication via website or outlook.
III.8. Staff training and maintenance
The web designer will also provide at least 6 months of feeding (posting information), web maintenance and training of ARCT-RUHUKA staff who will be in charge of updating and the website.
III.9. Qualifications
The web designer must be experienced in Webs Design and qualified as IT Professional
The web designer must have a proof of Web design delivery Service shown bycertificates from different clients.
III.10. Application process and requirements
Interested and qualified Individuals and /or firms are requested to applyby writing to the Chairperson and submit thefollowing;
  1. Proposed  implementation plan of the assignment
  2. Technical offer and another for Financial offer
  3. At least 2Letters of completion of similar work
4. Detailed Curriculum Vitae
Deadline for deposit of submission or bidding documents is on 19/7/2016 at 10:00 am at ARCT-RUHUKA, Head office in KIBAGABAGA near KIBAGABAGA Hospital. The bids opening will be at the same date 19/07/2016 at 10:30 am by tender committee at ARCT-RUHUKA meeting. 
Applications should be in 2 copies of Technical and Financial offer ,1 being original.   For any futherclarifications, please contact us on; or Tél : (+250) 787104307
Done at KIGALI, 08July 2016
KALIGIRWA Annonciata
Legal Representative

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