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FHI 360,Finance and Operations Manager Jobs in Rwanda

JOB FAMILY:                      Finance/ Administration
POSITION TITLE:              Finance and Operations Manager
GRADE:                                   Seven (7)
REPORTS TO:                     Project Director/MCOP
CLASSIFICATION:             Local position
DUTY STATION:                 Kigali, Rwanda

FHI 360 is a nonprofit human development organization dedicated to improving lives in lasting ways by advancing integrated, locally driven solutions. Our staff includes experts in Health, education, Nutrition, Environment, Economic Development, Civil Society, Gender, Youth, Research and Technology – creating a unique mix of capabilities to address today’s interrelated development challenges. FHI 360 serves more than 60 countries, all 50 U.S. States and all U.S. territories. We are currently seeking qualified candidates for the full time position of Finance and operations Manager.
Provide leadership, management and expertise in the Finance and Operations Department of FHI 360, Rwanda Country Office (CO). This involves overseeing and coordinating the Finance unit and administrative support in the development and implementation of MCOP and other projects.
Operations encompasses among others, the functions of travel, procurement, human resources, asset management, information communication technology (ICT), and office/staff support including logistics, event planning, motor-pool, and facilities management.
  1. Finance
  1. Ensure quality supervision, management and capacity building of FHI 360/Rwanda finance team.
  2. Ensure the GFAS accounting system and COMPASS reporting system lead function within the CO;
  3. Ensure FHI 360/Rwanda’s compliance with donor, Government of Rwanda (GOR) and corporate rules, regulations and standards on the use of funds and financial reporting.
  4. Oversee the internal procurement system within the CO, ensuring appropriate approvals, documentation, payment and recording and maintenance of inventory of the items;
  5. Maintain internal controls for effective, efficient and transparent financial management of all projects within the CO;
  6. Oversee the maintaining of financial filing systems
  7. Follow-up of FHI 360 financial accounts management;
  8. Respond to financial audits and establish systems to address findings within FHI 360 CO;
  9. Follow-up on Cash flow requests in an efficient manner;
  10. Assist in the preparation of audits at FHI 360;
  11. Oversee the preparation and submission of complete and timely financial reports and financial data submitted to donors, GOR and HQ;
  12. Review FHI 360 Rwanda financial reports;
  13. Perform other related duties, as assigned.
  1. Operations
  1. Ensure quality supervision, management and capacity building of FHI 360/Rwanda operations team, including Procurement, HR, ICT, and Administration staff;
  2. Plan, organize and oversee the provision of CO ICT, HR and Administrative support (including domestic and international travel within a decentralized context); 
  3. Serve as in-house expert on organizational policies and procedures as well as appropriate federal and donor guidelines on travel, HR, IT and procurement;
  4. Ensure FHI 360/Rwanda’s compliance with donor, Government of Rwanda (GOR) and corporate rules, regulations and standards related to Operations practices;
  5. Maintain the institution’s current legal status as an NGO in Rwanda as well as the legal status of Expat/third country national (TCN) staff, including preparation of annual reports to immigration and overseeing visa applications and renewals;
  6. Coordinate large-scale multinational conference logistics and travel, ensuring proper approvals are obtained and correct accounts (projects/FCOs/detail codes) are mentioned on documents;
  7. Coordinate the identification of staffing needs, organizational restructuring exercises, and hiring and HR management procedures;
  8. Manage the selection, development, and evaluation of assigned staff and budgets including recruitment, establishment of performance expectations, performance assessments, recommended actions based on performance (e.g., recognition, disciplinary action).
  9. Contribute to the development or updating of the CO Emergency Plan, and ensure that all staff are informed and conversant in its execution;
  10. Ensure the existence of effective CO operational manuals and related tools/systems for HR, ICT, procurement, travel, etc.;
  11. Oversee the maintenance of office facilities, allocation of office space, and proper storage and use of office equipment and supplies;
  12. Contribute to training/orientation to junior level administrative staff;
  13. Oversee the internal procurement system within the CO, ensuring appropriate approvals, documentation, and timely processing from the initiation of the purchase request to the delivery of the items;
  14. Maintain internal controls for effective, efficient and transparent management of all projects within the CO in all operations matters;
  15. Manage the contracts and grants (C&G) system, including preparation of leases, service contracts; consultancy agreements, subcontracts, and grants (sub agreements) and ensure on the respect and adherence to contractual requirements;
  16. Oversee the maintenance of CO filing systems – both hard copy and electronic;
  17. Perform other related duties, as assigned.
  1. Work closely with the Project Director and other Team Leaders to ensure the efficient operations of the CO.
  2. Work with other team leaders to resolve problems associated with day-to-day operations;
  3. Work with project leaders to handle monthly expenditures and projects budgets;
  4. Represent FHI 360/Rwanda at the Forum of NGOs and other external meetings, as appropriate;
  5. Communicate regularly with staff regarding finance and operational issues.
  6. Contribute to development and/or review of project budgets, pipelines, revenue estimates, etc.;
  7. Assist with budgets’ monitoring;
  8. Report to supervisor on variances and status on regular basis.
  9. Provide support for staff calendars, appointment and meeting scheduling, etc. for office-wide workshops, retreats and other events.
  10. Provide information to address audits’ findings related to operations area;
  11. Contribute to the review of correspondence and reports, as needed.
  1. Demonstrated knowledge, skills, and experience in accounting, financial planning, general office practices, administrative procedures, procurement, C&G, ICT and HR systems and management;
  2. Demonstrate knowledge of generally accepted accounting, budgeting and fiscal control theory and practices;
  3. Familiarity with USG-funded awards (cooperative agreements/contracts) as well as contracts and grants rules and regulations;
  4. Familiarity with general practices and financial procedures within other donors and NGOs;
  5. Relevant computer skills to include Word, Power Point, Excel, and Outlook, including at least one accounting package or financial software;
  6. Ability to multi-task and supervise a wide range of departmental units/functions within the office;
  7. Capacity to respond to inquiries independently and follow-up on requests in an efficient manner;
  8. Ability to manage efficiently, with minimum supervision, high volume of work-flow with respect of deadlines;
  9. Ability to set activities’ priorities and plan for the success of their execution
  10. Fluency in English and proficiency in French;
  11. Sensitivity to cultural diversity and understanding of the political and ethical issues in assigned areas;
  12. Ability to work as a team, develop and maintain close relationships with partners and other FHI 360 team members;
  13. Availability to work after office hours, on holidays and weekends if required;
  14. Respect for sensitive and confidential HR issues
  15. Ability to work on field outside Kigali, if required.
  1. Routine coordination with FHI 360 employees, consultants and contractors. 
  2. Interact with FHI 360 HQ, ESARO and Donors in Finance and Operations matters.
  3. Liaise with external agencies on financial and operational matters (banks, tax authorities, vendors, businesses, etc.)
  1. Supervise assigned staff.
  2. Coordinate the preparation of budget, monitor its implementation for assigned projects and approve all expenditures of funds relating to these budgets.
Usual office working conditions. Occasional travel within Rwanda. (e.g. to the partners) and outside Rwanda.
  1. Capable of performing responsibilities of Finance and Operations,  
  2. Familiarity with accounting and management, with a professional experience within NGOs or large institutions in a multicultural environment.
  3. Knowledge of law pertaining to employment;
  4. Experience supervising staff members;
  5. Previous experience working with FHI 360 in Finance and Operations Matters or other international NGOs;
  6. Education/experience:
  • MBA or MA/MS in Finance, Accounting, or related field, with 5-7 years’ relevant experience, or
  • BS/BA in Business Administration, Finance, Organizational Development or related field, with 7 - 9 years’ relevant experience.
Interested candidates are requested to:
  1. Submit their application no later than August 19, 2016 at 12h 00 to the address below: 
FHI 360
Rwanda Country Office
P.O.BOX: 3149, Kigali/Rwanda
 (Near CENTRE St Paul and Sainte Famille Catholic Parish)
   2. Include the following with the application:
  1. Cover letter,
  2. Curriculum vitae (CV) with current contact information (telephone number and email),
  3. Copies of university degrees,
  4. Three professional references with their contact information (Telephone & email).
  1. Only short-listed candidates will be invited for a test and/or an interview.
  2. Please send copies only. No application’s document will be returned to the applicants once they have been received by FHI 360.
Kigali, August 11, 2016
Claver Yisa
Project Director, Rwanda MCOP Project
FHI 360 Rwanda

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