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Terms of reference for producing a citizen report on Promoting Rights in Schools in Muko and Shingiro sectors, Musanze District

Terms of reference for producing a citizen report on
Promoting Rights in Schools in Muko and Shingiro sectors, Musanze District
ActionAid Rwanda (AAR), an associate member of ActionAid International (AAI) Global federation, is   an anti-poverty agency wo
rking with poor. The organisation has been working in Rwanda as a full Country Programme since 1997 to contribute towards eradication of poverty and injustices with a focus on tackling the root causes of poverty. AAR  has very strong commitment to supporting  and  delivery of Governement programmes  and strategies including EDPRS and  Vision 2020.
2020 vision seeks to help people better understand the world in which they live, and to face the future with hope and confidence, knowing that they can play a role in addressing the complex and interdependent problems that threaten our future such as poverty, wasteful consumption, environmental degradation, population growth, gender inequality, health, conflict and the violation of human rights.
In education, this vision requires all involved in education: teachers, curriculum developers, education policy makers and authors of educational materials; to promote a system of ethics and values that is sensitive to cultural identity, multicultural dialogue, democratic decision-making and the appropriate use of natural resources.
To achieve this mission, all countries including Rwanda have to promote rights in schools by promoting quality trained teachers, adequate infrastructure, transparency and accountability of schools, free compulsory education, non-discrimination at schools, a safe and non-violent environment, relevant education, awareness of accepted rights, participation by both girls and boys in decision – making processes in schools and quality learning environment and effective teaching processes.
Promoting Rights in Schools (PRS) offers practical tools such as a simple charter of 10 core rights accompanied by a set of indicators that enable users to capture information on their communities in a systematic manner. It engages key stakeholders, including children, parents, community leaders, NGOs and teachers’ unions, in the entire process - from adapting the charter locally to collecting and analysing the data. It promotes greater awareness of where and how rights are being violated and how these violations can be addressed. The information collected will be used to prepare rights-based school development plans, where stakeholders will define what actions they can participate in to address key existing gaps through collaborative actions and the information gathered across schools will be consolidated into citizens’ report which will be used as a basis for actions including mobilization, advocacy and campaigning at district and national level.
It is in this regard that AAR wishes to recruit a consultant to help MUKO and SHINGIRO communities to carry out the study/analysis on the extent to which the right to adequate infrastructure has been implemented in both sectors in 8 communities/cells.
  • To deepen citizens understanding of education sector and education issues
  • To use report as a school level strategy for strengthening informed citizen voice in education service and school management
  • To use the results of the report to carry out advocacy and press for education measures to improve services for the promotion of rights in school
The right to adequate infrastructure underscores that; there should be an appropriate number of classrooms accessible to all; with adequate and separate sanitation facilities for girls and boys. Schools should be built with local materials and be resilient to natural risks and disasters.
The production of the citizen report will be mainly done by the community. The consultant will facilitate the process. The consultant will elaborate questionnaire which will be handed over to selected members of the PTCs at each school. The members of PTCs will collect information from school and the community and will make a report of findings with the guidance of the consultant. The consultant will gather reports and questionnaires and produce a District integrated citizen report.
  • Bachelor’s degree in education,
  • Strong experience in survey education. Experience with working with the local and international organization preferred.
  • Strong experience working in Rwanda’s key education sectors involving rural populations,
  • Monitoring & evaluation experience
  • School management experience
  • Good communications skills (Fluent in Kinyarwanda and in English)
  • Knowledge of local context
  • Strong critical analysis and report-writing skills required
  • Working experience on a short notice
  • To be available immediately.
The consultant will be responsible for the following:
  • Plan, implement, and oversee citizen report with interviewers
  • Train 56 PTC members on information gathering using a questionnaire
  • Help PTC members to Collectand analyse all answer given in questionnaire
  • Develop survey implementation plan (schedule, logistics, etc.)
  • Qualitative review of citizen report materials, sample, questionnaire, and internal control system
  • Questionnaire translation and editing
  • Organize citizen report survey
  • Coordinate field work
  • Data Processing and Analysis
  • Give the recommendation and solution about citizen report
  • Organise a validation meeting of findings with 50 people including local authorities
  • Reporting to Rwanda Actionaid on the entire activity and findings.
  • The activities embedded in this TOR have to be delivered within a period of 1 month and a full report that will be delivered to Actionaid before the final instalment of the payment is done.
  • The duration of 1 month will start the date of signing the contract. The consultant will report to Actionaid and will provide periodic briefings during the term of the consultancy from AAR staff based in Musanze.
Interested companies are requested to submit the following documents well elaborated in English: 
  1. Technical proposal including Cover letter; Executive summary; Proposed Methodology & Timeline, Evidence of consultant(s) qualifications; RRA registration, references for similar work done and proof of service (minimum of two years).
  2. Financial proposal detailing all costs associated with the delivery of the above services.  Note: All logistical costs including transportation for the consultant and data collectors will be covered by the consultant and should be detailed in the financial proposal.
The letter should be addressed to the Country Director, ActionAid Rwanda with a well-defined service to be provided not later than 22th August, 2016 at 11:00 AM at Actionaid Rwanda (Head Office) located in Remera/Rukiri near Amahoro National Stadium next to RSSB Building and CSS Bank.
ActionAid Rwanda, Management

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