Wednesday, October 12, 2016

BBOXX Capital Rwanda,Repair Supervisor Jobs in Rwanda

The Solar Revolution needs you!
BBOXX Capital Rwanda wishes to recruit qualified and self-motivated staff to work in the following position;
BBOXX is a UK-based company providing affordable, upgradeable solar solutions to meet off-grid customers’ energy needs. We are fully vertically integrated, controlling every part of our customer experience. With over 70,000 systems deployed so far, we have 300+ staff - working across 5 offices in the UK, China and East Africa - who are waking up every morning to work with BBOXX to ele
ctrify 20M people by 2020. We invite you to join us on this journey to electrify rural Africa!
Job description – Repair Supervisor
1. Job Title: Repair Supervisor
2. Reports to: Repair and Logistics Manager
3. Location: Distribution Centre (Kisumu or Kigali)
4. Purpose: As BBOXX continues to scale its business the equipment refurbishing workload is significantly increasing at distribution centres. A Repair Supervisor will manage the repair team and will be a single report to the Repair and Logistics Manager (line) and the Head of Product Support (functional). Supervisor will retain all the existing Technician’s responsibilities together with additional supervisory and reporting duties.
5. Responsibilities:
All Technicians
  1. Repair and refurbish all BBOXX components
  2. Escalate all unsolvable issues to product support
  3. Follow BBOXX refurbishment processes
  4. Maintain a clean and tidy working area
  5. Use best practices in stock management
  6. Accurately report of all repairs and refurbishments
6. Supervisor Only
  1. Supervision of all aspects of the testing, repair and refurbishment process.
  2. Scheduling and monitoring of Technician activities
  3. Ensuring all processes conform to BBOXX policies and procedures
  4. Monitoring, implementation and recording of quality control processes
  5. Supervise and account for all stock management within Technical Department
  6. Training, coaching, development and appraisal of direct Technician reports.
  7. Reporting of any relevant issues, concerns, desired improvements, corrective actions, etc., to line Manager.
  8. Assist line manager and HR department in recruitment and disciplinary processes.
7. Description of tasks:
All Technicians
  1. Diagnose issues using flowcharts
  2. Replace parts using standard workshop tools
  3. Use online guides to assist with refurbishments
  4. Use BBOXX specific tools to re-programme control units
  5. Use BBOXX software to record repair and refurbishments
  6. Record all spare parts used
  7. Discuss issues with product support
  8. Use a root cause analysis framework to communicate clearly
  9. Regularly tidy the refurbishment area
  10. Make suggestions for process improvements
  11. Share best practices for how to repair BBOXX products
8. Supervisors Only
  1. Daily team meeting to review, allocate and agree tasks.
  2. Prioritise activity daily and direct Technicians duties.
  3. Communicate with Manager any issues that ae or might affect departmental performance and for immediate remediation.
  4. Monitor and report any variance from BBOXX procedures including but not limited to flow chart refurbishment and repair processes.
  5. Ensure adherence to quality control policy through inspection and checks on products available for reissue and monitoring of longer term QC testing of solar charged CU’s.
  6. Manage daily stock movements and investigate any discrepancies’ immediately and report findings to Manager.
  7. Act as mentor for Team and assist in training, development and assessment of Technicians through daily monitoring of their work performance.
  8. Ensure that all BBOXX reporting is timely, accurate and relevant. Work with BBOXX specialists to continually improve monitoring and performance data and reports.
  9. Advise line Manager of existing or future anticipated Technical HR requirements in anticipation of change in workloads, peaks in activity, etc.
9. Person Specification:
  1. Technical degree or diploma
  2. Three year of experience in a technical position
  3. Problem solving skills and ability to understand new concepts
  4. Experience managing a team desirable
  5. Desire for self-improvement and career progression
  6. Proficient at using Microsoft computer software
  7. Resilient to stress with a positive attitude
  8. Honest and hardworking
  9. Organised
  10. Good communicator both up and down
  11. Big BBOXX smile!
Deadline:Wednesday, 19thOctober, 2016at17.00 hours
How to apply:
  1. Send your C.V. and cover letter to
  2. Must put the position you are applying for in the subject line. Failure to do this, your application shall not be considered.
Only Shortlisted candidates will be invited to interview.

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