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Consultant in PR and Social Media Support to the Economic Policy Research Network Rwanda (EPRN)jobs in Rwanda

Terms of Reference for the Consultancy
“PR and social media support to the Economic Policy Research Network Rwanda (EPRN)”
The implementation of the Economic Development and Poverty Reduction Strategy (EDPRS II) represents the current framework and main point of reference for Rwandan Government Policy. Accelerating economic g
rowth and continuing progress made prior in poverty reduction stand at the forefront of this strategy. Macroeconomic stability is a prerequisite for a dynamic and broad-based economic growth, but sustainable government fiscal policy-making and the financing and management of public and private investment are also important tools for poverty reduction. This applies in particular to the quality of macroeconomic analyses and their translation into financial and economic planning policies under the purview of the Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning (MINECOFIN).
The Program Macroeconomic Advice
The project “Macroeconomic Advice for Poverty Reductionin Rwanda” functions via the means of three interlinked areas of action. In Intervention area 1 the project supports the economic departments of the Ministries, thereby the expertise of staff to improve economics and investment policy analyses, improve the economic models and systemise operational procedures. In Intervention area 2 advisory services will be provided to MINECOFIN introducing new processes of investment planning and increasing the efficiency of existing processes. Intervention area 3 supports MINECOFIN to exchange information with and coordinate better with other relevant actors concerned with Rwandan economic and investment policy. These stakeholders include the Central Bank (BNR), the National Institute of Statistics (NISR), representatives of the private sector and civil society, the research network EPRN and participating Rwandan universities. These Rwandan institutions should be supported by means of cooperation with corresponding international partners, especially German Universities and research institutions. For this the program is cooperating with an international research consortium, too.
Background of EPRN
The Economic Policy Research Network (EPRN) is an economic policy research platform in Rwanda bringing together key economic management institutions, individuals and organisations active in economic policy research and analysis to create a pool community for economic policy researchers through organising trainings, research coaching and mentorship, work place placements, learning tours and joint research projects to support provide evidence for economic policy formulation and policy research development. EPRN therefore responds to economic policy gaps created mainly by lack of quality and informative research and the challenge of human capacity in terms of limited numbers of economic researchers and active involvement.
The objective of EPRN is to provide necessary skills and professional training both short-term and long-term to close the capacity gaps and to strengthen economic policy research and analysis in Rwanda. EPRN shall coordinate the building-up/development of an enabling framework around the partner institutions of the Macro program.
Tasks of the consultant/Scope of work
  • Support the new Intervention Area IIIby assisting EPRN in promoting and expanding the network, in cooperation with the coordinator and the GIZ advisor to EPRN:
    • Identifying business possibilities for EPRN
    • Expanding the awareness of the network between potential individual members and institutions
  • Support the preparation and organization of the 3rd EPRN Annual Conference (media planning, promotion, social networks presence, and marketing items)
  • Prepare and design a monthly online newsletter to share through e-mail with all EPRN members and institutions
  • Updating EPRN social networks (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn), advertising the events and engaging potential participants
  • Prepare, together with the GIZ advisor to EPRN, a communication strategic plan and a workshop on communication strategies for the EPRN coordinator and members
  • Support the improvement of EPRN website (structure and content)
Qualification and experience
  • Master’s Degree in marketing, design, communication or related areas
  • Work experience with marketing, public relations, media, social media and website development
  • Work experience in Rwanda dealing with local providers and knowledge about the local media
  • Regular meetings with the GIZ Macro program to coordinate the activities and to clarify next steps
  • Regular monthly reporting describing the activities carried out and their impact, containing lessons learnt, and recommendations
  • Final report describing the activities carried out, containing lessons learnt, and recommendations at the end of the contract period
Coordination and Supervision
The consultant will report to the program manager of GIZ Macro.
Duration of the assignment
The assignment will be conducted during the period of the 1st November 2016 to 31st of January 2017, with up to 45 working days total. After successful implementation, the assignment may be extended.
Location: Kigali, Rwanda
Your offer shall include both a financial and technical proposal including, but not limited to, basic information about your company, the methodology of conducting the assignment, and the CVs of the person(s) for the assignment.
Please deposit your application (technical and financial offers) in envelopes latest
25th October 2016 at 4:00PM, at the front desk of our GIZ office in Kiyovu, 41, KN St 17.

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