Monday, October 31, 2016

Global Communities ,Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices (KAP) Baseline Study USAID/Twiyubake program

Terms of Reference (ToR): Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices (KAP) Baseline Study
USAID/Twiyubake program
USAID/Twiyubake is a 5 year program assisting 50,000 vulnerable households across 12 districts by reducing economic vulnerability and empowering parents to make investments to meet the unique needs of young children and adolescents. The program has established a Behavior Change Comm
unication (BCC) strategy to help encourage positive behaviors related to program objectives and the knowledge and attitudes that reinforce those behaviors. The BCC strategy includes key indicators to track changes in knowledge, attitudes and practices (KAP) and informs planning of the program’s BCC activities.
Purpose of the study
Global Communities is seeking a consultant(s) to conduct a KAP study to establish baseline measures on selected outcomes of the program.  The study will measure current knowledge, attitude and practices across a broad range of program interventions.
Under this study, the consultant/s will carry out the following tasks:
  1. Conduct an in-depth desk review including, but not limited to, internal documents such as the program BCC strategy, operational guidelines, Performance Monitoring Plan and technical strategy documents.
  2. Develop a detailed inception report highlighting the research methodology (sampling plan, data collection tools and methods, data analysis plan and timeframe) to be reviewed and approved by Global Communities.
  3. Pre-test the data collection tools.
  4. Collect data that ensures standard and rigorous data quality, through quantitative and qualitative methods.
  5. Conduct data entry and analysis.
  6. Develop a draft report for review by Global Communities
  7. Convene meeting to present and validate findings with program technical leads and senior management.
  8. Develop concise final report based on feedback from the program.
  9. Provide the assessment data set to Global Communities for future program needs.
The consultancy is expected to be implemented within a timeframe of Six (6) weeks, starting from the date the contract is signed.
How to apply
Interested applicants are requested to visit the Global Communities Rwanda website in order to view the complete Terms of Reference, including instructions on how to submit applications, at the following address:
Technical and financial proposal (in English) must be submitted electronically by November 11, 2016at 12.30PM local time.
Global Communities is a member of the Network of International NGOs (NINGO)/Rwanda

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