Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Global Green Growth Institute ,Individual Consultant Jobs in Rwanda

GGGI in collaboration with the government of Rwanda is implementing “Rwanda Climate Resilient Green Cities Program” and has developed a National Roadmap for Green Secondary Cities Develop
ment. This roadmap is an implementation guide to the EDPRS 2 priorities especially in the areas of the transformation of the economic geography of Rwanda by facilitating and managing urbanization and promoting secondary cities as poles of economic growth and centers of non-agricultural economic activities. It provided simple but tangible key actions to facilitate the government quest to transition to a ‘green economy’ approach to economic transformation, especially in the development of Rwanda’s Secondary cities as poles of economic growth with balanced development opportunities that will enable sustainable livelihood and poverty reduction. Finally, the Roadmap links urban development with job creation, and efficient use of natural resources and covers the aspects of urban governance, urban planning, safeguards, green building and construction, energy, transport, water and sanitation and waste management.
 Objectives/Purpose of the Assignment:
This technical assistance will ensure that the roadmap provisions are integrated in the district urban planning and development action plans and to transform identified local green growth plans into bankable green growth projects to access eligible domestic and international finances for implementation.
Scope of Work:
In accordance with the  provisions of the National Strategy for Climate Change and Low Carbon Development and National Roadmap for Green Secondary Cities Development, the Secondary City Technical Assistant; working in close collaboration with the Green urbanization expert, will support the District in urban planning and green urbanization through integration of green growth strategies and guidelines into the urban planning and district development plans, participate in the Urban development plan review and update, identification and conceptualization of local green growth projects
Output/Reporting Requirements/Deliverables:
All outputs and deliverables should be aligned with GGGI approved work plans and the agreed working modalities with the relevant national and district government bodies. The following are the key deliverables for the Technical Assistant:
Support the Mainstreaming of green growth in the district short and long term development plans
The technical assistant will work closely with the District planning, monitoring and evaluation unit to ensure that the sectoral and cross-sectoral social-economic development plans are aligned to the green economic development and address social, economic and environmental dimensions and emphasize the importance of inclusive, integrated development process at local scales.
Facilitate the translation of the provided green growth local actions into more comprehensive on-the-ground activities
The National Roadmap for Green secondary cities development provided strategies, guidelines and actions for green urbanization and green economic growth. The TA in collaboration with the Green Urbanization expert will facilitate the development of best practice and knowledge exchange platform amongst the Secondary Cities, identify needed statistical data to inform economic development planning, and strengthen public and private awareness on green growth practices.
Facilitate the Capacity development on green urbanization and green growth for district authority and technicians
The TA with the guidance of the Green Urbanization expert will identify green urbanization and green growth knowledge gaps within the district to be integrated into the capacity building plan and program. This would be to analyze, prioritize and report the needed capacity building for district staff in order to bring clarity to the urbanization and housing regulatory framework in line with green growth strategies, targets and their implementation. This final output will feed into the capacity building programme plan.
Provide support on the integration of green city development guidelines into urban land use plans and urban development projects
The technical assistant will work closely with the District One Stop Center (OSC) during the development of Detailed Physical Urban Development Plan in order to integrate green urbanization strategies and guidelines provided for by the National Urbanization Policy and National Roadmap for Green Secondary Cities Development to ensure that elements of green open spaces, protection of valuable ecosystems, density based on local context, multifunctional urban development, urban mobility, water supply, sanitation and waste management are addressed. Afterward, the TA will assist the District OSC in designing and assessing of urban development projects in line with green city development concepts, strategy and guidelines.
Collect data for the Conceptualization of local green growth bankable projects
Based on local green growth potentialities and priorities, in consultation with District leaders, local private sector, civil society, and the general public, the TA will collect data to enable the conceptualization of local green growth bankable projects to inform the green investment plan and project development profiles of the districts.
  • At least a bachelor’s degree in urban planning, architecture, construction engineering, transport engineering, urban economics, urban design, geography, environmental management with proven 2+ years of relevant experience with national and local context
  • Background knowledge of urban planning and housing development frameworks applicable in Rwanda
  • Knowledge of principles and practice of green growth and analytical understanding of local green growth opportunities
  • Proficiency in Microsoft application
  • Familiarity with local government working system and procedures
  • Knowledge to establish and maintain effective working relationship with local government leaders and technicians
  • Proficient written and spoken English and Kinyarwanda is required
How to apply:
You use the link below to submit your applications not later than 21st/10/2016 at 5hpm.

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