Friday, February 17, 2017

African Institute for Mathematical Sciences ,RFP - International Accounting Firm Jobs in Rwanda

Closing date: 15 Mar 2017
The African Institute for Mathematical Sciences (AIMS) is a pan-African network of centres of excellence enabling Africa’s talented students to become innovators driving the continent’s scientific, educational and economic self-sufficiency. Its mission is to rapidly and cost-effectively expand Africa
’s scientific and technological capacity by providing advanced training to exceptional African graduates. The AIMS-Next Einstein Initiative (AIMS-NEI, is an ambitious plan to create a coordinated network of 15 AIMS centers spanning the continent by 2023. The Governments of South Africa, Senegal, Ghana, Cameroon, Rwanda, Canada, UK along with Corporations (Google, Johnson & Johnson, etc) and foundations (MasterCard Foundation, Robert Bosch Foundation etc.) have committed more than USD 50 Million to the initiative.
The AIMS-NEI Foundation, UK is a registered Charity that serves as an umbrella body to co-ordinate and facilitate the expansion of the AIMS model across Africa and build sustainability of existing centres. The AIMS-NEI has facilitated the establishment of a total of 6 centres to date. AIMS centres operate as a partnership between African governments, Universities in Africa and international universities, combining local ownership with international partnership and involvement.
AIMS-NEI applies International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) and International Accounting Standards (IASs) in all its entities and in the Francophone countries it is also required to produce financial statements using the SYCOHADA format. It also applies General Accepted Accounting Principles applicable to the NGO/NPO sector and operates in the following countries:
Below is the list of entities under the AIMS NEI global network:
1.    AIMS South Africa
2.    AIMS Senegal
3.    AIMS Ghana
4.    AIMS Cameroon
5.    AIMS-NEI Secretariat South Africa
6.    AIMS Tanzania
7.    AIMS Rwanda
8.    AIMS-NEI Secretariat Rwanda
9.    AIMS-NEI Germany
10. AIMS-NEI Canada
AIMS-NEI would like to acquire the services of an international accounting firm to help the organization to address and implement the recommendations emanating from the audit of AIMS’s financial statements as well as the funder compliance review. In addition, the firm will be required to assess the structure and human resources needs of the organization’s finance function.
The firm should have extensive experience in implementing financial strategies and restructuring for organisations in the Non-Governmental/Non-Profit organization (NGO/NPO) sector with multiple offices particularly in Africa. Ideally, the firm must be an international accounting and auditing firm that can be able to advise on best practices in financial management and operations of donor funded initiatives. The firm should have relevant experience working with client institutions in implementing corrective action plans for internal control and administrative weaknesses raised in management letters from auditors and from donor compliance reviews as well as in assessing the structure and human resources needs of finance functions of organisations in the NGO/NPO sector.
The purpose of the proposal is to demonstrate the qualifications and capability of the firms seeking to undertake the work in conformity with the technical requirements set forth herein. Therefore, the substance of the proposals will carry more weight than their form or manner of presentation. The technical proposal should demonstrate the qualifications of the firm and a brief biography of the particular staff to be assigned to the assignment. It should also specify the approach, work-plan as well as timelines for the assignment.
Apart from a firm profile, the bid should also include technical and financial proposals as well as the following information:
· The breadth of other similar assignments and clients; resource and support services available; particular strengths relevant to the assignment;
· A description of the procedures that will be undertaken for the assignment;
· The location of the office(s) responsible for the assignment, the names and profiles of the staff who will be assigned to the assignment if successful.
· The names of client officials for three of the firm’s present clients for similar work who would act as references;
· An estimate of the number of hours that will be required for the assignment, broken down by level of staff;
· Fees and expenses;
Selection criteria will include, but not be limited to:
· Experience of the firm in undertaking similar assignments within the NGO/NPO sector;
· Qualifications and experience of the personnel assigned to the assignment;
· Quality of the proposal, presentation and compliance with proposal call requirements;
· Bidder’s understanding of the overall work scope;
· References; and
· Fees.
How to apply:
Please submit your proposal, in English, via email by 5.00 p.m. Central African Time (CAT), Wednesday March 15, 2017, to:
· The Selection Panel re International Accounting Firm
· African Institute for Mathematical Sciences - Next Einstein Initiative
· Email ID:
For any questions regarding how to submit your proposal, kindly send an email to the Selection Panel Coordinator:
Kindly note that costs incurred by you in preparing and submitting the proposal will not be reimbursed.

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