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ARCT – RUHUKA,TOR For end of Project Evaluation

Association Rwandaise des Conseillers en  Traumatisme
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Kigali, 31st January, 2017
Background to ARCT-Ruhuka
The Rwandan Organization of professional Trauma Counselors (ARCT Ruhuka) is National Organization formed in 1998 and officially registered as non-governmental organization in 2004, under the ministerial decree no 97/11 of 28th July 2007, and legally registered by Rwanda Governance Board with a Certificate of Compliance on the 12/09/2013.
The organization evolved from a trauma counseling program implemented by Trocaire, an Irish Charity Organization in 1995.
Our Vision: ARCT-Ruhuka envisages a Rwanda where all people have access to integrated mental health services.
Our Mission: To lead the development and application of innovative psychosocial approaches to mental health services and strengthen professional capacity in understanding, treating and preventing mental health problems.
  • Increasing the number of professionals in trauma counseling (management and healing) through training of technical counselors and psychosocial community workers.
  • Maintaining professional standards of counselors and psychosocial community workers by offering regular clinical supervision support.
  • Ensure permanent quality counseling services at different community levels
  • To intervene in traumaticcrisis situations
  • Conducting researches in order to highlight the influencing factors of psychological trauma and sensitizing people on prevention strategies.
  • Collaborate nationally, regionally and internationally with other institutions dealing with mental health, human development, peace and reconciliation.
  • Capacity building and supporting to other institutions intervening in psychosocial services.
About the Project
Since September 2013, ARCT-Ruhuka has been implementing a project known as “Empowering Communities through Trauma Healing” RWA 1301-03, with the support from TROCAIRE Rwanda office.  This is a 5 years (2013 to 2017) project that is being implemented in a total 8 sectors; Kisaro, Buyoga , Burega and Mbogo of Rulindo district and Rushashi, Ruli, Muhondo and Muzo of Gakenke
Over the past 5 years, the project has carried out different activities that complemented ech other, and the major planed ones includes:
  • Training of 90 Community Psychosocial Workers (CPWs) 45 at each district
  • Provide refresher trainingsto the 90 trained CPWs at district level
  • Community Sensitization / awareness raising on prevention of GBV and family conflicts
  • Providing Psychosocial Support services to the victims GBV and family conflict (Individual , couple and groups )
  • Organize and facilitate community dialogues groups and formation of peace youth clubs
  • Providing Clinical supervision supportto the 90 Community Psychosocial Workers
  • Recognition of role model families recovered from GBV and/or family conflicts andexemplary to other families and community
  • Training oflocal authorities, partners and 90 CPWs on GBV
  • Training of other CSOs working in the same geographical location/coverage on basic active listening skills
  • Organize and facilitate exchange meetings between community representatives, CSOs , local authorities to share information and discuss issues they are facing and finding strategies together
  • Training of CPWs in entrepreneurship and facilitation of formation of cooperatives for sustainability of project intervention
  • Organize and facilitate coordinationmeetings at district level
  • Monitoring , Evaluation and reporting
Project Evaluation Objectives
The overall objective for this end of project evaluation is to assess whether the project achieved its objectives, the impact made at individual, family and community levels, lessons learnt, challenges and future strategies.
The Specific Objectives of this project evaluation are:
  • To evaluate whether all planned activities were carried out and/ or any changes during the implementation  and the impacts it has made at individual, family and community levels
  • To assesses the positive or negative changes that may have been caused by the project at community levels
  • To capture major achievements, best practices, lesions learnt for future psychosocial intervention orientation specifically on Family conflict, Gender and GBV issues or any other related area.
  • To produce recommendations for future areas of concern and interventions, particularly in line ARCT-Ruhuka mission and vision and Trocaire Rwanda’s Strategic plan  2016-2020
  • To produce a well detailed written evaluation report that can be shared with partners and other stakeholders
Expertise and Experience required
The Consultant should have knowledge of and/or proven experience and expertise in:
  • Prior working experience in evaluation of psycho –social – economic projects or programs
  • Experience in Psychosocial issues ,  gender and GBV and other related  fields
  • Participatory approaches in conducting evaluations  and facilitating different interviews with different categories of people
  • Familiarity with the Theory of Change and Do No Harm approaches and Community empowerment/ development
  • High level written and oral communications skills in English and Kinyarwanda;
The Consultant will:
  • Organize and facilitate Individual interviews , FGDs and validation meetings
  • With consent from participants, provide a short recorded document (Video) and photos covered during interviews at different levels
  • Produce project evaluation report documents in English ( 2 hard copies andsoft via email)
The whole end of project evaluation process and report is to be completed within 15 calendar days from the date of signing contract.
Application process and requirements.
Interested and qualified candidates/firms should submit their applications addressed to the Chairperson which should include the following:
1. At least 4 Letters of good completion of similar work
2. Detailed Curriculum Vitae for Individuals/firms to conduct the evaluation
3. Proposed implementing plan for the assignment
4. Technical and Financial offer
Please quote “END PROJECT EVALUATION” in the subject line.
Applications should be sealed in 2 separate envelops ; one for Technical offer and another for Financial offer , with 3 copies  1 being original  to be deposited at ARCT-Ruhuka Head offices in Kibagabaga  not later than  09/02/ 2017 at  11:00 am local time . For any further clarifications, please contact us on; Email: or Tél: (+250) 787104307             
Done at Kigali on 31/01/2017
Annonciata KALIGIRWA
Legal Representative, ARCT- RUHUKA

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