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GAHINI Hospital,CRF Accountant Jobs in Rwanda

CLOSE: 03/03/2017
Job designation: CRF Accountant

To report to: Administrator of the Hospital
Location: Gahini District Hospital/ Physica
l Rehabilitation Center (CRF), KayonzaDistrict
Duration: One year renewable depending on the employee performance and availability of fonds

Background and Purpose

Gahini Hospital delivers a wide range of rehabilitation services including orthopedic surgery, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, fabrication of prosthesis and orthesis among others. As part of the implementation of a multiyear development programme funded by Christian Blind Mission (CBM) to transform CRF Gahini into a Center of Excellence in comprehensive rehabilitation, Gahini Hospital is inviting qualified candidates to apply for the CRF Accountant position. The candidate will be responsible for:

  • Execution of day-to-day accounting operations of the CRF and provide accounting oversight to the CRF partners

  • CRF Financial resources management

Execution of day-to-day operations:

  • Ensure full compliance of operations with CBM and CRF rules, regulations and policies, and plan operations on a quarterly basis

  • Establishment of collaborative arrangements with potential partners,

  • Make Use of internal standard operating procedures in Finance, Procurement and Logistical services.

  • Constant monitoring and analysis of the operating environment, timely readjustment of the operations, advice on legal considerations and risk assessment.

CRF Financial resources management

  • Ensure proper planning, expenditure tracking and audit of financial resources, including extra-budgetary income in accordance with CBM and CRF rules and regulations.

  • Maintain straight and legal procurement system within the CRF and build strong procurement system of the supplies.

  • Proper management of the contributions, business process and accounting for contributions to ensure that CRF financial operations are properly identified, consistently and uniformly classified, recorded on a timely basis and received with sufficient supporting documentation.

  • Ensure the bank reconciliations are prepared and approved by the hospital administrator on time.

  • Organization of cost-recovery mechanisms for all projects/activities.

  • Organization and oversight of cash management processes, including liquidity management, recommendation of provision level, risk assessment, bank relationship management; timely accounting and reconciliation of all transactions, security for cash assets on site.

  • Monitoring of financial exception reports for unusual activities, transactions and investigation of anomalies or unusual transactions. Provision of information to supervisors and other staff of the results of the investigation when satisfactory answers are not obtained.

  • Follow-up on transactions and payment approval on internet banking system.

  • Ensure that all financial transactions are identified, recorded verified and filed in compliance with partner’s agreement as outlined in their bilateral MoU.

  • Prepare and submit all financial reports including PPR on time and ensure compliance with CBM and other partners MoU guidelines

  • Work with Auditors and provide relevant information as far as financial audit is concern and ensure the implementation of audit recommendations

  • Positioned to record all’income generated by CRF activities and establish sustainable income generation system.

  • Ensure all statutory deductions such as paye as you earn social security are paid on time to avoid penalties

  • Maintain an efficient management of project Assets and conduct regular inventory to reconcile reports and physical count of assets as per CBM asset policy and procedures and maintain an update assets register

  • Ensure the log book for CRF vehicle is filled and the car maintenance is properly done

  • The Accountant will implement the committee’s decisions through the following


  • Effective networking with partners seizing opportunities to build alliances

  • Making recommendations regarding operation of systems within CRF.

  • Identifies and recommends remedial measures to address problems in systems design or implementation.

  • Anticipating client needs

  • Demonstrating understanding of client’s perspective and capacity to manage grants awarded to CRF

  • Soliciting feedback on service provision and quality

  • .• Fair and transparent decision making; calculated risk-taking

  • Accountant qualifications and profile

  • Bachelors degree in accounting with 5 years experience in the same field

  • Sounding experience in financial management

  • High level experience in working with international organizations will be highly appreciated

  • Knowledge of softwares used in accounting

  • Relevant certification (e.g. ACCA and CPA) will be preferred

How To Apply

Candidates with the required profile are invited to submit a cover letter, a CY, photocopies of Degrees and relevant certificates, with three professional references, to: Gahini Hospital Secretariat or to the following email addresses: gahinih@yahoo.fr; hopitagah@gmail.com

Persons with disabilities are encouraged to apply for this position.

Application deadline: Friday, 3rd of March 2017 at 5:00pm.

Shortlisted candidates will be contacted

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