Thursday, February 16, 2017

Three Stones,Research Assistants Jobs in Rwanda

Three Stones is currently seeking qualified candidates for a number of positions. We are looking for motivated people who work well as a team. Professional and career development is built into all of our positions.
Position:  Research assistants with experience in Public Health, Nursing, and Nutrition
5 positions available

Three Stones is conducting research regarding health and wellbeing of children aged 6 months to 6 years.  We will require research assistants who have strong research skills, a relevant degree (Masters preferred) as well as previous work with household level surveying which includes taking anthropometric measurements of children, conducting structured interviews with family members and recording quantitative and qualitative data and taking detailed written notes which will be compiled and analyzed after the data collection episodes. This is a short term position that will last approximately 2 months.
Candidate profile
A qualified candidate:
  • Will hold an MPH or relevant degree
  • Will have worked as a researcher or project coordinator on assignments that required interviewing caregivers at a household level, assessment of a child’s health and well being – including measuring weight, height, and identifying malnutrition, other health risks.
  • Is able to produce 3 references from previous work that is relevant
  • Qualified nurses with a background in field research are encouraged to apply
CVs for all opportunities will be received until 5 pm February 24th 2017 . We will accept CVs until suitable candidates have been found.
To apply
Please submit CVs, and a cover letter explaining why you are a qualified candidate in an email with the subject line of the position you are applying for to our program manager:
Three Stones is an equal opportunity employer. Women are especially encouraged to apply. For more information about Three Stones, a locally registered company, visit:

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