Saturday, March 18, 2017

Akagera Game Lodge,Chief Steward Jobs in Rwanda

Job Title: Chief Steward
Job reference:  Manages the Cleanest and Maintenance of all F&B equipment in used and in store according to set standards and to ensure smooth functioning, customer satisfaction and high levels of sales and profits in line with company policies and regulations.
Under the general guidance of the Executive Chef in accordance to the Hotel’s Policies and Procedures
  1. Responsible for establishing and maintaining high sanitation standards in all food preparation area
  2. Responsible for the Maintenance and the cleanest of all F&B service and Kitchen Equipment Responsiblefor guiding the all subalterns staff and in the performance of their jobs in accordance to Hotel policies and procedures.
  3. Responsible for achieving financial goals, by minimizing costs without compromise in Hygienic condition.
  4. Responsible for implementing the Policies and Procedures in operating the Stewarding Department
  5. Responsible for ensuring sufficient operating equipment and cleaning supplies for the operation.
  6. Responsible for the administration, operation and coordination of the Stewarding Department
  7. Responsible for providing functional assistance to operation during peak periods and functions.
  8. Responsible for ensuring the Stewarding Department is covered with staff during operation.
  9. To set standards in for Cleaning procedures and store keeper in line with company policies.
  10. To achieve objectives set in key result area in the annual Performance Department review.
  11. Responsible to keep F&B equipment inventory book up to date in collaboration with store keeper.
  12. Responsible to maintain all F&B area free of pest at all time
  13. Responsible for administration and the disposal of the waste
  1. A2 level certificate of secondary school required; high school diploma or equivalent desired
  2. Skills and good understanding of the use, handling and storing of cleaning materials
  3. Excellent knowledge of hygiene promotion in kitchen
  4. Able to lift 50 kg
  5. Excellent interpersonal and oral communication ability and above-average writing skills
  6. A 3 years and above of experience in high standards Hotel
  7. Excellent supervisory skills
  8. Able to work under pressure.
  9. Tracks daily completion of duties through use of checklist and spot-checks
  10. Excellent inventory tracking and control
How to apply;
Interested candidate should submit the following document to Akagera Game Lodge.
  • Application letter addressed to the General Manager
  • A copy of proof of working experience
  • A copy of identity card (ID)
  • Criminal record clearance
  • Relevant certificates
  • Any other relevant document
Application documents should be directed through the following e–mail address and not later than 7th April, 2017; and

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