Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Koperative Dufashabacu, Nyamata,Loan Officer Jobs in Rwanda

CLOSE: 23/03/2017


Koperative Dufashabacu was founded 2005 by a group of women as a means of supporting each other and improving the livelihoods of the members and their families. The cooperative was registered in 2008 and is located in the Nyam
ata Sector, Bugesera District, in the Eastern Province of Rwanda.  Fifty-three of the current fifty-eight members are women.  To generate income, the cooperative produces high quality cement construction materials for sale. In addition to supporting the joint brick-making activities, many individual cooperative members are also involved in their own small businesses or income-generating activities, such as tailoring or selling fruits and vegetables. Koperative Dufashabacu operates a small loan fund for its members, enabling them to borrow working capital in support of these outside economic activities.  It is in this regard that the cooperative wishes to recruit a motivated candidate for the position of Loan Officer for this fund.

Main Purpose of the job

To be responsible for effective management/performance of Dufashabacu loan fund and ensure that the funds are disbursed in accordance with the policies of the cooperative.

Job Description

·         Work with the cooperative loan committee to approve loans.

·         Meet with members/applicants to provide information on loan applications and to answer questions about the process.

·          Analyze the members’ economic activities and advise the cooperative board and loan committee accordingly.

·         Keep, review and update loan files.

·         Compute payment schedules.

·         Follow up on the recovery of the cooperative funds.

·         Prepare easy to understand monthly, quarterly and annual financial reports about the fundto the cooperative management.

·         Assists in the preparation of narrative reports describing the management of the loan funds and the impacts of the loans on the recipients

·         Support the Cooperative in preparing Activity, Financial Reports to USADF.

·         Support the Cooperative in reaching the set milestone and submit Disbursement requests as per instalment agreed upon with USADF

·         Help Dufashabacu in monitoring successes and challenges faced by members who received loan from the cooperative. This should be tracked using various parameters from business, family and community level.

·         Support members who are starting businesses for the first time in legalizing their businesses that include registering businesses, securing appropriate location of the business, opening business bank accounts, information related to regulatory and local taxes requirements, and generally what the loan recipients are doing.  (See the Part III “Purpose” section of the grant letter, which has a list of indicators to keep track of and report on.)


·         Knowledge in Microsoft word, Excel and basic knowledge in any accounting Software

·         Having Advanced Diploma in Business Administration, Entrepreneurship, Accountancy (A2) or any other related field. 

·         Working experience for at least one year with microfinance firms, SACCO’s, money lending associations or any other related experience.

·         Must be able to read, write and speak English and Kinyarwanda comfortably.

Interested candidates must submit their applications in a sealed envelope with application letter, CV, National Identification and academic documents not later than March 23, 2017 at 5:00am at the office of the cooperative in Nyamata near the market. For more information please call 0788415606.

Done at Nyamata March 8, 2017,

NIWEMUGENI Jacqueline,

President of Dufashabacu Cooperative.

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