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Malaria Community Mobilization and Sensitization Activities through Community Theatre Skits

Scope of Work
Malaria Community Mobilization and Sensitization Activities through Community Theatre Skits
1. Background
Jhpiego leads and supports efforts in multiple countries to ensure that young children and adults, in addition to pregnant women, are receiving prevention and treatment options for malaria. Jhpiego also stands as a committ
ed partner of the RBM Partnership to fight malaria worldwide and achieve one of the Sustainable Development Goal 3 targets, end the epidemics of malaria and other communicable diseases. Jhpiego supports efforts worldwide to ensure that pregnant women and their unborn babies are safe from the harmful impact of malaria. Jhpiego’s approach addresses malaria prevention and control comprehensively across the health “continuum of care,” from the community to health facility to national level.
In Rwanda, the contribution to malaria program is done with the funding from PMI through the USAID’s MCSP, implemented by Jhpiego and partners
In Rwanda, Malaria remains a major public health problem, scaling up of malaria control interventions for universal access and sustainable impact with the ultimate goal to eliminate the disease in the country is a priority. In 2013, the Ministry of Health developed a 5 year national strategic plan for prevention and control of malaria. This strategic plan has one goal to achieve a near zero deaths from malaria and reduce malaria burden to achieve a national slide positivity rate less than 5% in fever cases by 2018. But, recently Rwanda has faced an increase of malaria cases and deaths, and the Mid Term Review of the Malaria Strategic plan conducted in September 2016 concluded that Rwanda should strengthen Prevention and control measures to bring morbidity (cases) and mortality down.
A core of four proven malaria interventions are in place including:
  1. Vector control (LLINs and IRS)
  2. Early diagnosis and prompt and effective treatment
  3. Malaria Treatment at community level
  4. Malaria In pregnancy
  5. SBCC
It is in this regard, that the Maternal and Child Survival Program/USAID in collaboration with the Malaria and Other Parasitic Diseases Division/Rwanda Biomedical Center is hiring consultants to conduct Malaria community mobilization and sensitization activities through Community theatre skits in 12 selected sites in high endemic districts of Rwanda.
2.    Purpose of the Assignment:
To develop and conduct Malaria community mobilization and sensitization activities through Community theatre skits in 12 selected sites in Rwanda.
3.    Description of assignment
Working closely with the Malaria and Other Parasitic Diseases and the Health Communication Center /Rwanda Biomedical Center, the Maternal and Child Survival Program/USAID, consultants will:
End Product/deliverables
  1. Together with Mal&OPDD and MCSP/USAID ,select the outreach sites
  List of selected sites
2. Conduct pre-production activities including but not limited to:
  •  Concept development
  • Script writing
  • Rehearsals
  • Contact Local authorities of the selected sites
Concept and scripts developed
3. Conduct Malaria community mobilization and sensitization activities through Community theatre skits
Narrative reports of the activities   with approximate number reached by sites
5. Key Deliverables
  1. List of selected sites where community outreaches will be conducted
  2. End activity reports of conducted activities
6. Qualifications or specialized knowledge/experience required for the assignment:
  • The consultant should have experience in conducting Health Community mobilization and sensitization activities through Community theatre skits in Rwanda
7. Duration of Consultancy:
The consultancy will be conducted from end of April up to July 2017. A total of 12 of outreaches will be conducted, 5 outreaches in May, 4 in June, and 3 in July 2017.The time of these activities can be subject to change, but this will be discussed and decided with the consultant.

Consultancy Fees
Consultancy fees will be negotiated with best consultant candidate and should not exceed local and usual consultancy rate fees. A contract will be established between Jhpiego and selected consultant. Jhpiego reserves its rights to cancel this invitation for consultancy services at any time or to not award consultancy services contract in case the organization is not satisfied with consultancy service proposal or for whatever reason.
How to apply
Interested potential candidates are requested to submit their application file made by the following:
  1. Motivation letter and updated CV
  2. At least 3 certificates of successful job completion in the same domain issued by three recent clients to whom consultancy services were provided
  3. 3 Professional references with full names, phone number and email address
  4. Technical proposal (3 pages maximum) including the client understanding of ToRs.
Financial proposal with detailed activities & related cost
  1. Copies of operating licence/authorization from RRA & RDB and any other relevant document.
They should have updated their profile in the database in Jhpiego Global Consultancy Registry via and submit their application for this consultancy to the Jhpiego Rwanda Country Director/MCSP CoP in sealed envelopes with “Application for Malaria Community mobilization and sensitization activities through Community theatre skits” the subject line by March 31st 2017 at 05:00 pm.
Only consultant candidates who fulfill the requirements will be contacted. If you don’t hear from us within three weeks from the submission deadline, consider your application unsuccessful.
Done at Kigali, March 20th 2017
Management of Jhpiego Rwanda
Jhpiego is an equal opportunity employer. It does not discriminate in employment because of age, religion, tribe, race, color, gender, national origin, sexual orientation, disability, military status, marital status, family responsibility, station of life, political opinion, health (includes HIV/AIDS, pregnancy) socioeconomic status, or any other occupationally irrelevant criteria. Employment and promotion for any position are based on an individual’s qualifications and merit. Jhpiego does not charge a fee at any stage of the recruitment process (application, interview meeting, processing, orientation or any other fees).

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