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RFP: Study of the work readiness and school to work transition programming into Rwanda’s secondary school system

Request for Proposals
Education Development Center, Inc.
(Hereafter referred to as “EDC”)
Request for Proposals for the Procurement of:
A Learning Partner for the Study of the Work Readiness and School to Work Transition Programming into Rwanda’s Secondary School System
Date of Issuance: March 24, 2017
Education Development Center, Inc. (ED
C) is an international nonprofit organization that develops, delivers, and evaluates innovative programs to address some of the world’s most urgent challenges.  Our work includes research, training, educational materials and strategy, with activities ranging from seed projects to large-scale initiatives. EDC enjoys a worldwide reputation for its excellence in program and fiscal management and for the impact of its work.
EDC is implementing a youth workforce and livelihoods readiness project in Rwanda entitled Akazi Kanoze: Youth Livelihoods Project (Akazi Kanoze – AK2). AK2 aims to build on EDC’s previous and successful work on the Akazi Kanoze Youth Livelihood Development Program by assisting Rwandan schools, government bodies, employers and communities to institutionalize work readiness and transition to work programming within Rwanda’s secondary education system nationwide.
To accomplish this, AK2 will:
  • Increase the number of schools offering work readiness training and school to work transition programming in two of Rwanda’s five provinces, Kigali and Southern, and thus improve livelihood opportunities for youth in those provinces;
  • Work with the Rwanda MINEDUC and private schools to make Work Readiness (WR) and School to Work Transition (STWT) integral parts of the secondary school system; and
  • Enhance the MINEDUC’s capacity to use data for decision-making in a scaled-up WR and STWT program, across the nation
In accordance with AK2’s three main objectives, a Learning Agenda was devised to inform systematic program learning of the institutionalization of the project approach nationwide. The Learning Agenda is designed around three objectives:
  • Objective 1:
  • Objective 2:
  • Objective 3:
EDC’s work on the Akazi Kanoze 2 project is funded by The MasterCard Foundation (MCF); organizations submitting proposals in response to this Request for Proposal (“RFP”) have no relationship with MCF under the terms of this RFP or any resultant contract. All communications regarding this RFP must be directed to EDC.
1. Purpose and Eligibility
1.1 Purpose
The purpose of this RFP is to invite prospective offerors to submit a proposal to conduct operational research to help AK2 and its Ministry of Education counterparts better understand and inform the methods to increase the efficiency, effectiveness, and quality of the AK2 national curriculum implementation.
1.2 Eligibility
This procurement is open to offers from organizations which are incorporated or legally organized under the laws of any country which is not sanctioned by the US or Canadian governments. Offers from organizations which are incorporated or legally organized under the laws of any country which is sanctioned by the US or Canadian governments shall not be considered.
2. General Information
2.1 Original RFP Document
EDC shall retain the RFP, and all related terms and conditions, exhibits and other attachments, in original form in an archival copy. Any modification of these, in the offeror’s submission or subsequent contract, is grounds for immediate disqualification.
2.2 RFP Provisions
  1. All information provided by EDC in this RFP is offered in good faith. EDC makes no certification that any item is without error. EDC is not responsible or liable for any use of the information or for any claims asserted there from.
  2. This RFP does not under any circumstances commit EDC to pay any costs incurred by the offeror in the submission of a proposal. This is the offeror’s responsibility.
  3. All materials submitted in response to this RFP shall become the property of EDC upon delivery to EDC.
  4.  Additional documentation may be required prior to selection.
2.3 Schedule of Events
The following schedule applies to this RFP but may change in accordance with EDC’s needs or unforeseen circumstances. Changes in this timeline will be announced as formal modifications to the RFP.
Time Table
By 5 pm Central Africa Time zone (CAT)
March 24, 2017
Date of releasing detailed RFP
5 pm (CAT)
March 30, 2017
Deadline for request for any clarifications from the EDC. Questions must be submitted in writing via email to Aimee Senzeyi (Yedidya) at
5 pm (CAT)
April 6, 2017
Estimated date for issuance of any clarifications by EDC. All Questions will be answered in one document which will be posted at under the heading “Rwanda – Akazi Kanoze 2 learning partner”, or Offerors may contact Aimee Senzeyi (Yedidya) at
5 pm (CAT)
April 21, 2017
Deadline for submission of proposals
2.4 Inspection and Acceptance
Under any contract awarded in response to this RFP, EDC may inspect and test the deliverables to determine whether such deliverables conform to the terms of the contract and its attachments. Unless otherwise agreed to in writing by EDC, EDC shall have a right to inspect deliverables for conformity before payment or acceptance of such deliverables, in accordance with Section 2-513(1) of the UCC. Payment for deliverables made before inspection for conformity shall not constitute an acceptance of such deliverables or impair EDC's right to inspect such deliverables or any of EDC's remedies, in accordance with Section 2-512(2) of the UCC. Deliverables rejected or supplies in excess of quantities ordered may be returned to the selected offeror at the selected offeror's expense.
3. Proposal Submission and Selection
3.1 Offeror’s Understanding of the RFP
In responding to this RFP, the Offeror fully understands the RFP in its entirety and in details, including making any inquiries to EDC as necessary to gain such understanding. Clarification questions must be submitted by potential offerors—in writing—by March 30, 2017, 5 pm CAT. Responses will be published in writing. EDC reserves the right to disqualify at its sole discretion any offeror who submits a proposal that is not responsive or that demonstrates less than such understanding. That right extends to cancellation of the contract if a contract has been made. Such disqualification and/or cancellation shall be at no fault, cost, or liability whatsoever to EDC.
3.2 Communication
Verbal communication shall not be effective. In no case shall verbal communication govern over written communications.
Offerors’ inquiries, questions, and requests for clarification related to this RFP are to be directed in writing in English before March 30, 2017, 5 pm CAT to:
Education Development Center, Inc.
Attention:         Aimee Senzeyi (Yedidya)

3.3 Proposal Submission
Proposals must be provided on the offeror’s letterhead or stationery and must be delivered via email to:
Education Development Center, Inc.
Attention:         Aimee Senzeyi (Yedidya)
Subject Line:    Learning PartnerAK2
The technical proposal and the cost proposal must be sent in separate emails.
It is the responsibility of the offeror to ensure that the proposal is delivered to EDC by the deadline date listed in this RFP.
3.4 Opening of Proposals
EDC will determine in its sole discretion which proposals respond completely to the requirements of the RFP.  Please note that this determination does not obligate EDC to issue a contract to one or any of the offerors.
3.5 Minimum Requirements and Evaluation Criteria
3.5.1 Minimum Requirements
Offerors must meet the following minimum requirements:
  • All Offerors must submit a proposal that meets the requirements of this RFP.
  • All Offerors must demonstrate that all individuals receiving payment through this contract must meet the qualifications described in section 4.1.5.
3.5.2 Evaluation Criteria
The evaluation of each complete proposal submitted in response to this RFP will be based on its demonstrated competence, compliance, format, and organization. The purpose of this RFP is to identify those organizations that have the interest, capability, and financial strength to supply the services identified in Section 4.  EDC will evaluate proposals in accordance with this section and intends to award a contract to the responsible Offeror whose proposal represents the best value to EDC.  “Best value” is defined as the offer that results in the most advantageous solution for EDC, in consideration of technical, cost, and other factors.
Evaluation Criteria:
Technical Criteria Category
Maximum Points
Organizational Capacity
  1. Demonstrated institutional capability in relevant evaluation activities.
  2. Demonstrated individual capacity as seen in CVs/resumes of individuals proposed to perform the work submitted with the proposals.
  3. Demonstrated financial and administrative capability and experience.
Program Description
  1. Responsiveness to the RFP requirements.
  2. Merit of proposed methodology for collecting/obtaining the necessary information to ensure data reflects on-the-ground reality.
  3. Clarity, merit and relevance of proposed outlines and templates and explanations of approach for deliverables.
  4. Merit of proposed implementation plan.
Past Performance
1.   Ability to carry out work based on past experience with projects of a similar or greater size, scope and value
Cost proposals will be evaluated, but will not be assigned a score. The evaluation of cost will include a determination of cost realism, completeness, and reasonableness. Cost realism is defined as the offerors’ ability to project costs which are realistic for the work to be performed; reflect a clear understanding of the requirements; and are consistent with the offeror’s technical capacity.  EDC may at its sole discretion consider the cost proposal to determine “best value” when deciding between two technically superior offers.
3.5.3 Competitive Range
EDC, at its sole discretion, will establish the Competitive Range for evaluation of the proposals that will be comprised of only the most highly rated proposals. Proposals that would require significant rewrites in order to be responsive to the RFP technical requirements will be disqualified as non-responsive.
3.6 Selection
This procurement utilizes a tradeoff process. EDC is not obliged to award a contract on the basis of lowest proposed cost, or to the Offeror with the highest technical evaluation merit. Although for this procurement, Technical Proposal merits are considered significantly more important than cost/price relative to deciding who might best perform the work, cost factors will also be considered. Therefore, after the final evaluation of proposals, EDC intends to issue the contract to the Offeror whose proposal offers the best value to EDC considering both technical and cost factors.
EDC may award one or more contracts resulting from this RFP to the offeror(s) whose proposal(s) conforming to this RFP offer(s) the greatest value. EDC may also (a) reject any or all proposals, (b) accept other than the lowest proposal, or (c) accept more than one proposal. Contracts may be issued for some or all of the deliverables.
EDC may award a contract without discussions with offerors.  As such, offerors are strongly encouraged to submit their best proposals with their original submissions. EDC reserves the right to schedule site visits and/or to conduct discussions, which may result in revisions to proposals, with one or more than one or all offeror(s) if EDC determines, at its sole discretion, discussions to be necessary. Discussions may include oral presentations provided by the offeror.

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