Monday, May 29, 2017

Akazi Kanoze Access (AKA),Deputy Director Jobs in Rwanda

Title: Deputy Director: Monitoring, Evaluation ,  Learning  and Planning, (MEL & Planning)
TEAM/PROGRAMME: Institutional position (all programs)
LOCATION: Kigali,with frequent travels to the field

POST TYPE& CONTRACT LENGTH: Full time &Open contract 
About AKA:
AKA is a registered National Non-Government Organization (NGO) operating under the Rwanda Governance Board (RGB) certificate No 66/RGB/NGO/2016. AKA’s mission is providing Rwandan youth with employability skills, capital and support to take advantage of economic opportunities. Currently, AKA is implementing multiple donors’ projects including Akazi Kanoze 2 (AK2), funded by The MasterCard Foundation (MCF) through Education Development Center (EDC), USAID-funded Huguka Dukore Activity, supporting youth employment, and an Educate!  Exchange Project which supports capacity building and roll out of the new competence-based curriculum in Rwanda’ssecondary school education system.
ROLE PURPOSE: Akazi Kanoze Access is seeking for a Deputy Director in charge of  Monitoring, Evaluation , Learning, and Planning. He/she will a) oversee institutional and project planning b) Develop andsupervise the implementation ofthe organization’sMonitoring, Evaluation and Learning systems; c) Lead compilation and analysis of program data and learning; d) Lead and provide technical assistance in designing and implementing evaluations and research studies, e) set-up and oversee accountability and project monitoring systems, assess data quality and raise red flags.
Reports to: Executive Director
Direct reports: M&E coordinator, Communication Coordinator, Database Administrator
Staff directly interacting with this post: Deputy Director- Program Implementation, Director of Finance and Administration
  • Lead organizational work plan development in close collaboration with senior management
  • Co-lead strategic plan formulation process in collaboration with AKA senior management
  • Lead organizational Performance Monitoring Plan (PMP)design based on strategic plan.
  • Lead development of program and project MEL plans
  • Assure that the project's MEL policies and procedures conform to Donors standards for validity, reliability, timeliness, integrity and completeness.
  • Assure the integration of monitoring and evaluation efforts throughout the breadth of technical programming and through routine and proactive collaboration with technical team leads, including on the role of the Performance Monitoring Plan (PMP).
Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Lead the implementation of the project M&E system, in particular, the design, development and implementation of an integrated data management system, tools and procedures that are able to generate timely and high- quality data on performance indicators and analysis on progress towards achieving results.
  • Conduct regular data quality assessments (DQAs) in accordance with donor requirements.
  • Guide and provide inputs to the Database Administrator in developing a database of partner-level and participant-level data to facilitate performance analysis and reporting.
  • Conduct periodic meetings and capacity-building training for project technical staff, youth service providers and other ipartners to continuously improve the quality of project delivery and promote shared accountability for results.
  • Work with the program team to develop and adapt appropriate M&E  instruments  for tracking  implementation progress, assessing project outcomes, and for operations research and learning purposes based on the needs of AKA’s various projects;
  • Work with the technical team to conduct field monitoring and/or data validation, gather data for operations research and learning purposes, and ensure accuracy of all data collection processes;
  • Supervise the M&E coordinator, Communications Coordinator and Database Administrator
  • Prepare reports on results in a format useful for programmatic decisions by management, quarterly reporting, and in compliance with Donors procedures and agreements in the awards; and organizational requirements and standards;
  • With the guidance of the Executive Director and AKA senior Management, lead data-sharing sessions with the technical team on a regular basis to facilitate the interpretation of data/results from both M&E and technical perspectives together; and
  • Perform regular field visits to ensure the quality of data collected by Program staff and to verify the accuracy of reported data
  • Perform other duties as assigned by AKA Executive Director.
  • Lead the compilation of organizational monthly, quarterly and annual technical reports
  • Lead the compilation of monthly, quarterly and annual donors ’s reports based on agreements
  • Supervise the Communication Coordinator to develop communications materials including quarterly newsletters, website and other materials
Management Information System
  • Oversee the management of projects’ MIS systems and ensure quality data is collected
  • Ensure timely uploading of progress information into donor MIS system.
  • Perform all types of quantitative analyses (descriptive and inferential analyses) using appropriate software (SPSS and/or STATA) as necessary for research and evaluations.
Research and learning
  • Design and coordinate evaluations and research activities and ensure effective and ethical data collection.
  • Supervise the development of research data collection tools
  • Document good practices, lessons learned and feedback captured from program participants to influence and guide the design and implementation of our programmes
  • Organize learning events and workshops to document lessons learnt, good practices and areas for improvement.
Capacity Building
  • Identify capacity gaps and work with the Executive Director to build the capacity of AKA staff, especially the M&E Staff, as well as partners to ensure smooth implementation of quality M&E systems and improved partner capacity over time;
  • Provide orientation/training to M&E  staff periodically.
  • Identify learning and training opportunities for M&E and other staff and work as a mentor and role model for staff.
  • Display AKA core values of Integrity, Professionalism, Excellence, Innovation and understanding of youth concept.
  •  Minimum of Master’s degree in Statistics, Development Studies or any social sciences discipline oriented toplanning, monitoring and evaluation methods;
  • At least 5yearsof experience working in planning, monitoring, evaluation, research,andaccountability in an NGO, research setting or public institution
  • At least 2 years in program coordination
  • Previous experience managing a team
  • Proven capacity to supervise, train and coach staff;
  • Experience in program data management,
  • Experience conducting data analysis with a statistical package such as SPSS or Stata
  • Experience with database management system
  • Proven experience in a technical capacity involving conducting evaluations/research or leading evaluation/research teams and drafting research/study reports,
  • Proven experience with robust quantitative and qualitative data collection and analysis;
  • Experience conducting interviews and focus group discussions with young people and communities;
  • Strong capacity and creativity in leading and facilitating participatory methodologies to meaningfully engage beneficiaries and receiving their feedback,
  • Proven capacity to compile and write strong progress reports for Donors,
  • Ability to work both in an advisory and a hands-on implementation capacity;
  • Excellent spoken and written communication skills in English and Kinyarwanda;
  • Strong
The ideal candidate will have:
  • Previous experience managing an M&E team
  • Use of data management electronic devices such as Tablets or Personal Data Assistants (PDAs)
  • Specific experience of designing and managing MEL systems for USAID or MCF projects
  • Previous experience building and managing MEL systems for youth projects/organizations
  • Previous experience with organizational planning, learning or knowledge management systems
  • Previous experience with communications and/or data visualization
How to Apply
  • If you are interested in this job and are confident you meet most of the above criteria, do apply to the position by June 11th 2017 using the following email: Kindly make sure you mention your salary expectation (or your salary range) in your CV.
  • While we would like to let you know how you did, we will only be able to contact shortlisted candidates

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