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Consultancy for IT Maintenance ServicesJobs in Rwanda

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Consultancy for IT Maintenance Services
1.      Background Information

The Greater Virunga Transboundary Collaboration (GVTC) was established through a treaty signed by the three partner states of Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Rwanda and Uganda on 30th October 2015 as a collaborative transboundary framework of programs, plans and activities to conserve a network of Protected Areas (PAs) in the Greater Virunga Landscape (GVL) of DRC, Rwanda, and Uganda. GVTC was established to coordinate the transboundary conservation activities of the Greater Virunga Landscape.
GVTC has secured funding from the Netherlands Government through its Embassy in Kigali. This three-year project has provision for setting up a functional Center of Excellency. This will contribute to fulfilment of the GVTC mandate, which includes information gathering, analysis and dissemination. This Centre will bring together existing information, monitor state of biodiversity conservation, be a warning bell /early warning system for maintaining coordination, brokering and mediation of partnership of three countries that distinguish from other existing observatories in responses to threats and conflicts of the management of transboundary natural resources.  Preliminaryequipment of the CoE were acquired and installed.
For sustainable and smooth operation of this equipment together with the GVTC-ES staff computers, the Institution is looking for a consultant/or competent firm to undertakeIT maintenance services
2.  Description of the assignement
The overall purpose for this consultancy will be maintaining the GVTC Centre of Excellency and other office IT infrastructure in sound working condition and security of data.
2.1 Objectives
The objectives of the consultancy are:
  1. Maintenance ,installations and troubleshooting ofcomputers and other IT equipments for the GVTC and CoE
  2. Deploy permanent backup system for data and other electronic files for the GVTC
  3. Troubleshooting of networks including Wireless, Lan cabling,PABX, VoIP, etc.
  4. Troubleshooting of servers unit including software
2.3. Expected Results and their measurement:
3.       Scope of the work:
The Geographical scope covers the Physical Centre Hosted atthe GVTC ES Headquarter in Kigali, while the content of the scope will be determined based on the work plan proposal to be validated
4.      Methodology:
4.1. Methodological framework:
GVTC requests the consultant to propose and use the sound methodology for which the named participatory methods to facilitate the service being provided well.
4.2 Quality Standards
The consultant is expected to exhibit high level of professionalism and ensure validity, reliability, precision, utility, and
5.     Key Tasks
The consultant is required to undertake the following tasks:
i.    Propose a work plan for the IT maintenance services to be offered for the GVTC and its Centre of Excellence for the following items:
1)    A Server unit set with Two Servers , Power UPS and other server equipment
2)  Network equipments composed with Wireless, Lan, VPN, PBX and VoiP
2)    Conferencing equipment
3)    Desktop and Laptop computers.
ii.    Ensure a consistent backup system  of data by introducing fixed styles in backing and restoring data to GVTC and CoE equipment including the servers and Computers
iii.    Troubleshoot and solve IT problems detected , diagnose and fix them
iv.    Provide complete technical documentation and SOP for the maintenance of equipment and network to be submitted to GVTC-ES
v.    Provide technical support when needed to maintain adherence to security standards and accessibility to CoE data resources
vi.    Prepare each month a brief report of the maintenance status that will be submitted to the GVTC and discuss any improvements needed.GVTC reserves the right to request for reports as and when it is necessary.
6.     Responsibilities, finances, expenditures, and reports:
  • GVTC will provide the consultant authorization to access necessary materials for the assignedtasks includinginstitutional resources to be used with confidentially and accordingly.
  • An evaluation of the work and Maintenance status will be held with GVTC each quarter for review of performance and required improvements;
  • As per the requirements of the assignment, the consultant will report on progress directly to person designated by GVTC to this work, and will closely liaise, when and where necessary, with other team members and counterparts. 
  • The consultancy work will be undertaken on a basic of 4 days a month, but could be subjected for increasing based on tasks and needs.
  • In case of an emergency work,the consultant should be available to provide the support need before 24 hours out off his regular working days
7.      Expertise needed for the consultant team
7.1 Core competencies:
  • Excellent communication skills and organized;
  • Planning/organizational skills of the team;
  • Having conducted similar activities before;
  • Minimum Bachelor degree in computer science, computer programming or other information technology related field of two staffs who will be affected to the Assignment.
 7.2 Experience required:
  • Extensive experience with Networks installation with proficiency in LAN, WAN, PABX,VPN and VoIP Network.
  • Proof of minimum of three (3) years’ experience in managingIT equipment and data storage infrastructure.
  • Working knowledge of basicsoftware packages for windows such as offices (or Open Source Software equivalents);
  • Experience with data security and backup systems.
  • Knowledge of the office 365 and its functionalities is highly desirable
  • Experience with the cloud storage ,backup and data sharing
  • Other experiences in IT will be an added advantage
8.     Deadline of submission
Proposals must be in English orFrench and submitted whether in hard copy at GVTC Head quarters in Kigali and/or electronically to the Deputy in Charge of Finance and Administration email: and copy to
Proposals should be sent to the above addresses no later than on the 12th June2017 at 5:00 pm (Local time of Rwanda).  Applicants should ensure that submission is delivered timely and to the correct address as indicated above. GVTC will not consider late submissions for evaluation.

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