Friday, June 2, 2017

Consultancy Firm to Review and Update FAWE Administration and Finance Procedure Manuals

“Supporting girls and women to acquire education for development”
Recruitment of a Consulting firm to review and update FAWE Administration and Finance Procedure Manuals
As a national Chapter of the Regional Pan-African Forum for African Women Educationalists, FAWE Rwanda is a non-profit
membership organization that brings together women and men interested in promoting girls’ and women’s education and development in Rwanda. Since its inception in November 1997, FAWE Rwanda has grown to become a reputable partner and a focal point for girls’ education in Rwanda.
Our mission is to promote gender equity and equality in education by fostering positive policies,practices and attitudes towards girls’ education. This is done through the implementation of a number of programs that address different issues that hinder girls’ education. These programs are funded by different donors. FAWE requires having in its operational architecture strong accountability mechanisms that allow it to function competitively. In pursuit of performance excellence, FAWE is seeking credible service providers to update and revamp its internal procedures that will guide operations.
In order to facilitate the implementation of its programs, FAWE Rwanda developed internal procedures and policies as guidelines to operate efficiently with minimal resources available in order to realize tangible outcomes for the girl child’s education in Rwanda. These include the Administration and Finance, as well as the Staff Policy and Procedure Manuals among others.
However, these manuals have been overtaken by events and time, and so need to be reviewed and updated so that they can fit in FAWE current operational needs, respecting national laws governing labor and local NGOs at the same time. Pertinent to note too, FAWE currently has different donors that need consolidated and harmonized reporting requirements. It is against this background that a reputable firm is being sought to review the different procedural guiding documents at FAWE and/or propose others that are relevant to help FAWE function effectively at different levels be it at Secretariat level or any activity that falls within her mandate.
Main objective of the assignment
The main objective of the assignment is to review and update and generate any other relevant   procedural manuals and come up with comprehensive and up to-date operational manuals that can effectively support the organization to perform effectively and efficiently. Key operational functions that need guidelines are Procurement, Finance, Logistics, Administration, and Human Resources Management. The assignment should be able to update the existing procedures and where necessary accordingly develop guidelines and procedures to manage the above mentioned operational portfolios.
Scope of work
The Consulting firm is expected to undertake the following activities:
  1. Review FAWE current documents related to the mandate including project documents and other relevant documents
  2. Conduct a SWOT analysis to understand FAWE’s current positioning
  3. Review FAWE Administrative and other operational manuals (as mentioned above) to identify areas that need to be updated and/or consolidated;
  4. Analyze and address the gaps in the existing manuals and develop specific regulations and procedures that allow quick and quality service in line with FAWE roles and responsibilities
  5. Update the manuals including finance management, internal control system, human resource management, procurement, travel policies, and property management procedures, etc.
  6. Come up with a set of reviewed tools/guidelines of administration and finance for FAWE specifically for Logistics Management, Finance, HR, procurement and General Administration.
  7. Present the draft documents in a facilitated stakeholders’ validation meeting and incorporate any inputs/comments from stakeholders into the final documents.
Key Deliverables
These documents shall be presented to FAWE Secretariat Management and other relevant organs as may be deemed fit by the Secretariat and the governing Board where necessary for validation:
  1. Comprehensive inception report
  2. Report on the assignment process and outcome
  3. Finance and Administration manual with very clear internal control guidelines
  4. Human Resource Manual
  5. Procurement and logistics manual
  6. Any other document deemed necessary and developed in the process
Qualifications, Experience and Skills
The firm should have relevant documented experience of at least 5 years in line with the assignment and should have a team of experts with the following qualifications and competencies:
A minimum qualification of a Bachelor’s degree  in in one or more of the following areas; Human Resource Development, Public Administration, ACCA, Social Sciences, Human Resources, monitoring and evaluation or any other relevant fields with a befitting experience  in conducting similar assignments. They should have excellent analytical, documenting and report writing skills.
Firm Personnel
A Team Leader with 7 years of experience in HR, Administration, Fiduciary management (Finance, Procurement, M&E…) report writing, analysis or any other proven qualification and experience relevant to the assignment.
1 Expert with at least 5 years’ experience in any of the above but complimentary to the Team Leader’s expertise. Any additional personnel to support the two experts will be advantageous but should not attract any extra expert fees.
Duration of Assignment
The assignment is a full time engagement of forty five (45) working days
Supervision and Reporting
The Consultant will report to the National Coordinator who will be supported by a taskforce composed of the FAWE Rwanda Secretariat Senior Management and 3 members of the Executive Committee. This taskforce will be responsible for approval of all deliverables. The Consultant will work on a day-to-day basis with FAWE staff team and will occasionally be guided as and when need arises. It is important that the firm experts transfer knowledge and skills to FAWE team during the assignment as part of the institutional capacity development efforts, hence skills transfer shall be part of the reporting.
If interested in this consultancy, please, submit a complete offer (including detailed technical and  financial proposals) to the address below not later than Monday, June 12, 2017 at 5 p.m.

                               National Coordinator
                               FAWE Rwanda Chapter
                               Room, 116, First Floor, Mineduc Building

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