Thursday, June 22, 2017

EarthEnable Executive Assistant Job Vacancy in Rwanda

Job Description:
Who we are
At EarthEnable, we believe that our clients deserve our very best, that morning high-fives are the best way to start the day, that the best ideas could come from any part of the company, and that failing is still success, as long as we put our best foot forward. We celebrate each other’s wins, love new customer insights, work hard and work together, and are deeply proud of the impact we make every day. We believe that a clean, dust-free floor means more than living in a healthy home. It means pride and dignity in the place our customers most treasure: their homes. Working with us means more than building floors: it means building a company and building a better future for rural families. 

What we do
EarthEnable is transforming the way people live, by making homes healthier for families across rural Rwanda. 80% of Rwandans live in homes with dirt floors which are dusty, unsanitary, and fertile breeding grounds for parasites and germs. While replacing a dirt floor with concrete has significant health benefits (e.g. reducing diarrhea by 50% and parasitic infections by 80%), concrete is unaffordable for many who need it.

EarthEnable addresses this pressing and ubiquitous problem by selling high-quality, earthen floors that are 80% cheaper than concrete with 90% less embedded energy. Earthen floors are already prevalent in modern homes in the United States and are composed of natural materials (gravel, clay, sand, and laterite). EarthEnable trains and hires local masons to install the floors which are sealed using a proprietary drying oil that makes them waterproof, strong, and polished. In our first three years of operations, we have installed over 40,000 square meters of flooring and employed over 200 Rwandese staff.

About the Role
This job is for someone who wants to be learn about and be exposed to all aspects of running a business, who prides himself or herself in being a self-starter, quick learner, and hard worker, who is ready to do both desk work and field work, and who can switch between tasks seamlessly. The person who is hired for this role will work closely with the company’s founders and senior leadership on a variety of executive tasks. He or she will be exposed to every part of EarthEnable’s operations, and therefore learn about entrepreneurship, operational management, marketing, and even research and development. We are looking for someone eager to learn and able to multitask and switch between a variety of tasks. We expect the person filling this role to be very detail oriented, a quick learner, committed to excellence, and willing to keep sensitive information completely confidential. The executive leadership will provide significant coaching, guidance, and support, but we expect the person to be a self-starter who can learn to “manage up”. Some of these tasks may include:
• Strategy: Identifying potential partners through desk research and interviews, conducting surveys and interviews in the field regarding new products (waterproof walls, different product bundling, etc.)
• Marketing: Conducting market research for our customers, helping out with setup and cleanup at marketing events
• Office administration: filing, making ID cards, keeping office supplies organized and available
• Systems: Entering sales leads into our database, analyzing late payments, other data entry
• Human resources: Screening resumes, scheduling interviews, managing pre-hire examinations
• Finances: Updating accounts in QuickBooks, organizing files for audit, paying bills and salaries under guidance
• Monitoring and Evaluation: Visiting clients to assess the quality of the floor, cleaning data for health impact evaluation, supporting the development of a “dashboard” to compile data
• Research and Development: Analyzing samples of varnish, diligently recording metrics
• Social media: Writing and scheduling posts, monitoring activity on our social media accounts and keeping an organized database of photos

Job Requirements:
• Intellectually curious and mature beyond their years
• Proactive self-starter, resourcefulness and creative problem solving
• Strong knowledge of Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel
• Positive attitude, entrepreneurial spirit, sense of humor, and willingness to learn new things
• Commitment to excellence, outstanding work ethic, and attention to detail
• Fluency in English and Kinyarwanda
• B.A., or student pursuing a B.A. is preferred but not required

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