Thursday, June 22, 2017

EarthEnable Sales and Marketing Intern Job Vacancy in Rwanda

Job Description:
Who we are 

At EarthEnable, we believe that our clients deserve our very best, that morning high-fives are the best way to start the day, and that the best ideas could come from any part of the company. We celebrate each other’s wins, learn from our setbacks, and are deeply proud of the impact we make every day. We believe that a clean, dust-free floor means more than living in a healthy home. It means pride and dignity in the place our customers most treasure: their homes. Being a part of our team means more than building floors: it means building an organization and building a better future for rural families. 

What we do
EarthEnable is transforming the way people live, by making homes healthier for families across rural Rwanda. 80% of Rwandans live in homes with dirt floors which are dusty, unsanitary, and fertile breeding grounds for parasites and germs. While replacing a dirt floor with concrete has significant health benefits (e.g. reducing diarrhea by 50% and parasitic infections by 80%), concrete is unaffordable for many who need it.

EarthEnable addresses this pressing and ubiquitous problem by selling high-quality, earthen floors that are 80% cheaper than concrete with 90% less embedded energy. Earthen floors are already prevalent in modern homes in the United States and are composed of natural materials (gravel, clay, sand, and laterite). EarthEnable trains and hires local masons to install the floors which are sealed using a proprietary drying oil that makes them waterproof, strong, and polished. In our first 3 years of operations, EarthEnable has installed over 40,000 square meters of flooring and employed over 200 Rwandese staff.

About the Role
This role will work with our sales team at the headquarters in Nyamata, Bugesera District. The person in the role will be exposed to a wide range of sales and marketing activities, and will gain experience in organizing and carrying out sales and marketing events as well as managing sales representatives. The job will also include significant on the ground selling. If the person in this role is successful they may be offered a position as a sales associate in one of the EarthEnable offices in another district after completion of the internship.

The specific tasks of this role include: 
Assisting with marketing events: assisting with the planning and execution of marketing events such as tables at market days and open houses.
- Creating budgets for marketing events
- Mobilizing sales representatives to be present at marketing events
- Organizing the logistics of marketing events such as booking speakers and gathering marketing materials

Assisting with sales representative management: working with the sales manager to monitor and improve the performance of our sales representatives.
- Assisting with the recruitment and training of new sales representatives
- Communicating regularly with sales representatives to check in on their performance and assist them as needed
- Spending time with sales reps as they are selling and helping them to organize themselves and sell effectively

Creating marketing materials: developing marketing materials such as brochures and banners as needed.
- Creating drafts of potential marketing materials and incorporating suggestions from the management team
- Translating marketing materials as needed

Presenting at community events: presenting about EarthEnable at events such as umudugudu and cell meetings and recording the names of potential leads.

Assisting with other events: generally assisting the sales team as needed.

Job Requirements:
- A knack for sales and a passion for helping people to improve their lives through our product
- Strong people management skills and a passion for helping to build a strong team of sales people
- Commitment to impact and strong interest in community development
- Ability to work extremely independently
- Fluency in English
- Excellent knowledge of MS Office (Excel, Word, PowerPoint) and Google Docs
- Strong written and verbal communications skills
- Positive attitude, self-starter, entrepreneurial spirit, sense of humor and willingness to learn new things
- Commitment to excellence, outstanding work ethic, and attention to detail
- Resourcefulness and creative problem solving

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