Thursday, June 1, 2017

KABGAYI Hospital,15 JOBS vacancies in Rwanda

 CLOSE: 05/06/2017
15 JOBS at KABGAYI Hospital, Muhanga, Rwanda - CLOSE: 05/06/2017

1) KDH/ CMS/Nurse/01 :  Nurse (3) (under contract ) Kabgwayi DH/ONGe

A1/A0 in General Nursing, to be unregistered in his proper council  (License and certificate)

2) KDH/OMS/DRIV/02:  Driver (2) (under contract ) Kabgayi DH/ Patners 

Driving license category B at least , Category D is an added advantages.

3 Years of experience

3) KDH/CMS/DOCT/03:  Junior Medical Officer  (3) (under contract  ) Kabgayi DH/ ONG

A0 in General Medicine To be unregistered in Allied Professional.  1 Year experience

4) KDH / OMS/ CASH/ 4 : Cashier (3) (under contract ) Kabgayi DH

A2 in Accountancy one year of experience

5) KDH / OMS /ACC/ 5:  Accountant (1) (under contact ) Kabgayi DH /ONG

A0 in Finance, Accounting, Management  (with a specialization in Accounting/ Finance ) or a Professional qualification such as ACCA, CPA

6) KDH/OMS/LAB/6 :  Lab technician (1) (under contract ) Kabgayi DH/ ONG

A1 in Laboratory science To be Unregistred in Allied Professional

7) KDH/OMS/DAT/7:  Data manager  (2) : (Under contract  ) Kabgayi DH /ONG 

A0 in statistics or applied mathematics

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