Sunday, June 25, 2017

Ngali Mining Ltd,Laboratory Technicians Jobs in Rwanda

Ngali Mining Ltd is a Company that deals in extractive industry across the region. It is a subsidiary of Ngali Holdings Ltd. Ngali Mining would like to recruit three Laboratory technicians.
TORS for Laboratory Technicians:
Below are criteria and job description for laboratory technicians:
  1. Perform all duties of geochemistry like sample analysis, sample preparation, storage as required by the Chief Scientist.
  2. Assist the Lead Geochemist and lead Geologist in the laboratory.
  3. Apply all modern software to analyze field data.
  4. Ensure proper using of laboratory apparatus, handling of mineral samples, sample preparation, storage and general safety as per regulations.
  5. Interpret geochemistry data.
  6. Ensure timely reporting as required by the supervisor and project manager
  7. Perform other duties as directed by project manager.
  8. Be able to work as a member of a team.
  9. Be ready to learn new fields like geochemistry, mineral extraction and general mineral industry related fields.
  10. Payattention to documentation of all activities; coordinates, grades, mineral types, geological features, and other relevant information.
Qualifications needed:
  1. Bachelor degree holder in chemistry /analytical chemistry.
  2. Experience of three years and above in the related field.
Applicants should submit application letter, reference letters from previous work, academic qualifications Application should be submitted to Ngali mining reception or should be addressed to not later than 29th June 2017 at 4pm local type.
Done, Kigali on 22nd June 2017
Director, Corporate Services
Ngali Mining Ltd

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