Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Palladium International,Strategy and Technical Adviser, Ikiraro Cy'Iterambere

Closing date: 28 Jun 2017
The Ikiraro Cy'lterambere Programme works with Rwanda civil society and government to contribute to the EDPRS-II (Economic Development and Poverty Reduction Strategy) objective of promoting citizen's participation and accountable governance. Ikiraro works with civil society to build capacity and effectiveness and with the Government of Rwanda to strengthen hom
e-grown accountability mechanisms. This can, in turn, support poverty reduction and economic growth.
Ikiraro is managed by Palladium and it is funded by the governments of Sweden, Switzerland, the USA and UK. There are four key components of the programme:
  • Supporting capacity development of civil society for improved governance;
  • Supporting the Rwandan public accountability and other mechanisms at national and local levels;
  • Supporting learning on governance issues, processes and interventions to strengthen engagement between CS and GoR MDAs (Ministries, Departments and Agencies);
  • Working with the development partners and complementary programmes for a more coordinated and coherent approach to supporting civil society
Purpose of the Position The Strategy and Technical Adviser (STA) will support the Team Leader and the rest of the strategy and technical issues. The STA will also lead the implementation of the learning and adaptation component of the Ikiraro Programme. The STA will assist in coordinating with Development Partners and other like-minded programmes for effective learning and sharing. The STA will contribute to the programme's understanding of Rwanda's context.
·         Develop the capacity of the team to implement an issue-based approach;
·         Update the programme strategy in response to lessons from the implementation experience;
·         In conjunction with the Team Leader review programme strategy periodically;
·         Assess the pace and effectiveness of the programme;
  • Provide strategic advice to the team leader; and
  • Assist in finalising regular monthly and quarterly reports and risk assessment reports to DFID and the Steering Committee
  • Provide support to the Team Leader on coordination with other like-minded programme and Development Partners with regard to learning and sharing
  • In consultation with the Team Leader coordinate with similar programmes (PPIMA, WB/GPSA, GIZ)
  • Coordinate with stakeholder organisations delivering capacity development activities (e.g., NINGO, CESB and BTC)
·         Support in the implementation of issue-based approach, its identification process, supporting the Ikiraro national team in engaging with partners and developing and implementing issue action strategies.
·         Review and revise current research strategy, approaches and terms of reference for research and studies
·         Support the team to carry out context analysis of the research environment in Rwanda
·         Develop a list of potential research institutions - government, civil society, private sector and international, and their track record and niche area
Key competencies, education and professional expertise required Competencies
  • Entrepreneurial temperament - ability to work independently with limited instruction, to find creative solutions to a particular problem - focus on the result rather than dwelling too much on process.
  • Listener - ability to listen to others and constructively respond to different views and challenges.
  • Facilitator - Ability to facilitate a complex groups of organisations and people to agreement and shared action - while ensuring all voices are heard and groups own the process.
  • Team player - ability to work well as part of a team, considering and contributing to the objectives of others.
  • Respectful - Sensitivities and respect for gender equality and social inclusion issues;
  • Open book' - Willingness to learn and invest time and effort in adapting to new ways of working and continuing learning and development;
  • Flexible - A positive, flexible attitude to work including the ability to multi-task;
  • A master's degree (or equivalent) in a relevant subject
Professional experience
  • Overall 10 years of project experience with specific 5 years of experience working on strategy and technical aspects of governance programmes, research, generating and deploying evidence for policy changes;
  • Up-to-date knowledge of latest development thinking on governance project implementation and track record of learning and sharing;
  • Knowledge, understanding and exposure of issue-based approaches to policy, planning, budgeting and accountability processes and the value added of research to inform these;
  • Experience of working as a team and positively influencing changes; experience of managing staff;
  • Experience of working with a range of stakeholders including civil society, private sector organisations or government agencies;
  • Willingness to travel across the country;
  • Excellent written and spoken English and with a good report writing and presentation skills;
  • Good communication and interpersonal skills;
  • Strong planning and managing skills;
  • Strong analytical skills in terms of budgets vis-à-vis programme requirements;
  • Attention to details and ensures value for money approaches are followed; and
·         Excellent IT skills (including data analysis and presentation, presentation of reports etc.)
Duration The duration for this contract will be one year, and renewable based on performance and funding.
How to apply:
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