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Trócaire,(RFQ) Staff and Management Capacity Building

Terms of reference for Request for Quotations (RFQ) Staff and Management Capacity Building
Trócaire Rwanda
No. 12 KN 31s,
Tel.: (+250) 0252 502663, (+250
) 0252 502664
Scope of Assignment
Capacity building of Trócaire Staff and management team
Period Covered
August 2017 to February 2018
Finance and Administration Manager — Diogene Rusumbabahizi
  1. Brief Overview
Trócaire is the official overseas development agency of the Catholic Church in Ireland, established in 1973 and currently has presence in more than 17 countries in Latin America, Africa and Asia including Rwanda. Trocaire has been operating in Rwanda since 1994 and its office is located in Kiyovu, Plot no. 12, KN31st, Kigali.
Trócaire does not implement programme directly. Instead the organisation works in partnership with local civil society and Catholic organisations in 7 districts in Rwanda. Trócaire is currently implementing a global' and country strategic plan, 2016 to 2020. In this regard, Trócaire is pursuing an integrated programme in Rwanda focused on sustainable use and management of natural resources (land and water), women's empowerment as well as preparing for and responding to humanitarian crises.
Goal 9: of the Global and Country Stregic Plans commits to "An Accountable and Effective Organisation". Outcome 3 of the same goal highlights that " Trócaire continues to attract and retain skilled, motivated, and empowered staff'.
2.    Back ground to the request for quotation
Trócaire globally rolled out a One Trócaire management and staff development programme in 2014 to ensure that staff shared the same values and vision of the organisation. The programme also sought to ensure that management and staffs were well equipment with soft skills to deliver on programmes.
The One Trócaire training delivered in 2014 focused on 4 core areas split between management and staff:
a)    Managing self;
b)    Managing change;
c)    Delivering as a team; and
d)    Managing others.
Since 2014, there have been changes in the staffing structure in the country office as well as expressed need from staff to revisit some of the key components of the One Trócaire development programme with staff in order to ensure a high performing team.
Trócaire Rwanda now requests quotations with both financial and technical proposals from suitably qualified individual consultants to work with the Country Management Team (CMT) on team capacity development.
Staff category
focus area
New staff and refresher for old staff
Working with others

Personal leadership
Communication skills

Working as a team

Proactive and effective behaviours2,planning Time management and prioritization
Management —new      and
existing management team
Personal Effectiveness
Personal Leadership
Communication skills, effective delegation and performance management
Proactive and effective behaviors, planning Time management and prioritization
All staff
Team day(s) facilitation
1 team day in October/November 2017 and another end of January 2018.
3.    General Terms and Conditions of this Request for Quotations
  • Trócaire does not bind itself to accept the lowest priced quotation
  • Trócaire does not guarantee exclusivity and reserves the right to engage other companies for the same services (if required) during the term of contract,
  • Trócaire shall be free to:
  • To accept the whole, or part only of any quotation;
  • To accept none of the proposals submitted; and
  • To republish this request for quotation.
  • In the event of not accepting any of the quotation submissions received on foot of this RFQ, Trócaire shall be free to make such arrangements as it considers necessary in relation to the provision of service,
  • Trócaire will not be reliable for any costs or expenses incurred in the preparation of a quotation,
  • The contract shall be considered as a contract made in Rwanda ,according to Rwanda law and subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Rwanda courts,
  • Trócaire has a suppliers code of conduct to and expects all of its suppliers to respect
  • Trócaire will also expect suppliers to adhere to Child Protection Safeguarding programme participant’s policy and this will be shared with the successful company/individual consultant.
4.    Duration of assignment
The Assignment is expected to run from 1 August 2017 to 28 February 2018 with 4 hours in total every 2 weeks dedicated to engagement with the management and staff as agreed. Trócaire may vary the timing of sessions depending on competing priorities and performance of the consultant.
5.    Delivery approaches
a)    Learning Materials
•    Some materials already exist within Trócaire but the Consultant will propose additional materials that suit staff if necessary and agreeable to Trócaire. Presentations for each session should be prepared 2 weeks in advance of each month and shared with CMT.
•    Language — English will be the main delivery language but some materials needing to be delivered in French/Kinyarwanda particularly for all staff team days.
b)    Delivery options
•    The Consultant should consider varied, participatory and discovery methodologies with review points to see how staff and management are progressing in implementing actions. The variations in delivery approaches should be clearly outlined in the technical proposal.
c)    Training Report with key emerging issues
•    A short training report per month with key emerging issues that need Management attention should be documented for management follow up.
6.    Conflict of interest.
Any conflict of interest involving an applicant must be fully disclosed to Trócaire . Failure to disclose a conflict may disqualify an applicant or invalidate an award of the contract. Applicants are required to declare any current or past work which might reasonably be considered to represent a conflict of interest. It will be for Trócaire to decide if any material conflict of interest exists and applicants in doubt in this regard should seek the advice of Trócaire .
7.    Intellectual property
Any concepts, guidelines or other material developed during the contract will be considered as property of Trócaire and may be used by Trócaire.
8.    Submission of proposals
Please submit your financial and technical proposal and quote by 30th of June 2017 at 5:00 pm to Trócaire Rwanda Office in hardcopy to the office with a soft copy sent to . The financial proposal should be inclusive of tax and in Rwandan Francs. Demonstratable experience and Value For Money (VFM) will be key considerations in evaluating proposals submitted. Only suitably qualified consultants resident in Rwanda will be considered.
Proposal should also include the following information:
  1. Technical proposal including - Understanding of the scope assignment, company profile including demonstratable experience covering proposed intervention and resume of consultant(s) — maximum 3 pages highlighting relevant experience;
  2. Proof of registration including Rwanda Revenue Authority compliance
  3. Financial proposals with detailed cost breakdown including payment terms;
  4. References of 3 organisations from similar assignments done in the last 2 years;
  5. Commitment letter highlighting availability given the extended nature of the assignment; and
  6. Contact details of consultant.
Done at Kigali on 23 June 2017
Dony Mazingaizo
Trócaire Rwanda Country Director

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