Friday, July 7, 2017

Kepler,Careers and Alumni Affairs Director Jobs in Rwanda

Careers and Alumni Affairs Director
Administration – Kigali, Kigali

 Generation Rwanda/Kepler
Careers and Alumni Affairs Director
  About Generation Rwanda/Kepler
Generation Rwanda (GR) began in 2004 and has supported young people in Rwanda in achieving their higher educatio
n goals through scholarships for universities throughout the country. In 2013, GR expanded its reach when it started Kepler.
Kepler is a nonprofit university program designed to deliver the skills that emerging economies need. Kepler combines the best of online learning and an American competency-based degree program with in-person seminars and intensive education-to-employment support.
About the Position:
Kepler’s vision is for students to transition successfully from education to careers that ensure economic mobility. Therefore, this position is one of the most essential positions in the organization, working across Departments to ensure a cohesive Careers strategy across both campuses, and potentially future campuses,  that effectively transitions students into employment. The Careers and Alumni Affairs Director  is responsible for providing a vision for the Careers Department, for strengthening strategic partnerships for student internships and job opportunities and leading departmental strategy to prepare students for the workforce, positioning Kepler as a leading academic institution for bridging the school-to-workforce divide. In addition, the Careers and Alumni Affairs Director will implement an alumni engagement strategy with a focus on alumni and student professional development, networking, alumni tracking, and brand ambassadorship.
Key Responsibilities:
  • Supervise 2-3 academic and/or administrative staff members across all current and future campuses in Rwanda.
  • Communicate and collaborate effectively with the Chief Academic Officer on Careers Department progress and strategies
  • Collaborate with Academic Campus Directors in Kigali and Kiziba to ensure Careers Department policies and plans align with the academic calendar and annual academic goals and that academic goals are met
  • Effectively communicate and collaborate with the Employer Advisory Board on a quarterly basis and respond to Employer Advisory Board recommendations
  • Develop and clearly communicate Careers Department policies, opportunities, and support structures to students and staff, ensuring students have access to internships, performance assessments and guidance/direction on  coursework and careers options
  • Cultivate new partnerships for student and graduate internship and job placement opportunities and strengthen existing partnerships to ensure Kepler continues to respond to the needs of both students and employers
  • Lead the careers department communication strategy; create high-quality materials and effective feedback and information-sharing mechanisms for students, staff, employer partners and potential partners to ensure the Careers Department strategies and successes are clearly, consistently, and efficiently communicated both internally and externally
  • Leverage networking opportunities in the community to build partnerships and serve as a sales representative/Kepler brand ambassador by identifying and creating opportunities to showcase Kepler and our students and to bring more practical learning experiences and job-seeking opportunities/functions to students
  • Be data-driven: develop tools and processes to collect and manage data aligned with our Theory of Change, including employer feedback and student/graduate employment outcomes, and use the data to drive program/curriculum improvements
  • In collaboration with the Director of Curriculum and Curriculum Coordinators,  careers staff,  and the professional competencies team, respond to employer partner feedback on students’ strengths/weaknesses through the development of new modules or other activities for the curriculum.
  • Provide leadership in ensuring Kepler maintains a high-quality, market responsive curriculum that prepares students to enter the workforce
  • Collaborate with the Information Systems Officer to ensure departmental data is efficiently and effectively managed and accessible to relevant staff members
  • Implement a coordinated alumni strategy across both Generation Rwanda and Kepler alumnus in order to maintain strategic and supportive relationships with graduates, connect graduates with current students, gather data on graduate outcomes detailed in our Theory of Change, and support Kepler’s loan repayment strategy
  • Develop English language skills across team and students in order to increase professionalism and opportunity for students seeking jobs
Desired Skills and Qualifications:
  • Bachelors degree (or higher) in relevant field
  • Must have advanced proficiency in English
  • Significant professional experience collecting, managing, and analyzing data as well producing data-driven strategies, reports and communication documents
  • Possesses functional knowledge and/or personal experience with technology: Microsoft Suite, Google Drive, Google Chrome
  • Strong communication skills, including interpersonal skills, written communication skills and networking skills, online and off
  • Strong organizational skills
  • Is open and willing to give and receive feedback from all stakeholders within the organization including students, colleagues and supervisors
  • Demonstrable capacity for strategic thinking and willingness to work in a dynamic environment to meet ambitious goals
  • Willingness to travel (in-country and internationally) and take on flexible work hours that may require the CAA Director and his/her team to start work late/early, finish work late, and/or work weekends
  • Demonstrates a passion for education and a strong desire to implement programs through a process model of learning, implementing, reflecting, revising and re-implementing
  • Has the ability be creative and innovative in the way that programs and career services can be created and delivered to students
  • Thrives in a dynamic environment and believes that change leads to progress
Department: Administration
Reports to: Chief Academic Officer

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