Marketing intern in Rwanda

    • As Marketing intern you must have excellent communication skills. For instance, when a business organizes a mobile marketing tour to meet potential customers in various regions, a marketing agent must effectively tell customers about the benefits of the product. Marketing agents also need interpersonal skills to strike positive relationships with potential customers, influencing skills to persuade customers into choosing certain products over others, and team-building skills to establish an effective and motivated marketing team.

 Creating Strategies

    • Formulating new and effective methods for promoting products and services is the duty of marketing agents. This often involves analyzing the target market and methods competitors use to promote similar products.

Conducting Research

    • Marketing agent gather information from consumers on issues such as product or service price and quality, and preferences for new products or services. This information helps companies to develop quick-selling products and services.

    • This stage, can lead to permanent employment.


    • A minimum of a masters degree in communications, marketing, social science and journalism (advanced degree preferred) or similar

    • A minimum of 1 year experience in the design, management, and implementation of marketing and communications strategy

    • Strong organizational and personnel skills, and the ability to meet deadlines

    • Excellent writing and oral communication skills

    • Strong knowledge of website architecture and content strategy preferred

    • Proficiency in English is must

    • Driving license is a must

    • Masters degree is a must


·         Send your resume/cv along with passport size photo and all school and university documents scan on email


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