Supply of Financial Literacy Videos

REQUEST FOR QUOTATIONS RFQ:  02 /06/ COO /GS /2017: "Supply of Financial Literacy Videos"
Urwego Bank Ltd. (herein referred to as the Bank) hereby invites interested professional companies to submit their proposals in Rwandan F
rancs for "Supply of Financial Literacy Videos".
  • The supplier will write up the scripts
  • After revision by Urwego Bank, the supplier will then follow up with acting.
  • Finally, they will produce 10 episodes that summarize all the fifteen modules within our financial literacy booklet.
  • Each episode should range between 10-20 minutes
  • All videos should be in Kinyarwanda with English subtitles
  • One or more of the actors should be some one that many Rwandans are used to seeing in local TV soaps/shows
  • Since these videos will be shown on public TVs, both sound and visuals should be of the highest quality
  • Like the booklet content, the video content should also be biblically-based. Urwego bank is willing to give guidance on this.
  • All videos should comply with national and international patent rights rules
  • Urwego Bank reserves the right to use the videos in any public place without prior permission of the production company
  • The supplier will make 40 DVD copies of each episode
Please also note the following:
  • All the quotations should be submitted in sealed envelopes and addressed to the Chief Executive Officer with the following title and address: "Supply of Financial Literacy Videos"
  • The quotations received, and acknowledged at the HO, will be opened and analyzed by the Bank Tender Committee members who will thereafter inform each bidder the decision and the results by a written Tender Note.
  • The selected bidder will be required to open an account in Urwego Bank,
  • The Bidder must be registered in RDB
  • The Deadline for submission of quotes is set on Wednesday July 19th 2017 at 5:00 pm to, through our reception Head Office —Kigali UMUYENZI Plaza, Gisementi, Remera.
  • These videos should be delivered by October 2nd 2017
  • Please make sure that your tender document is registered at our reception and all requested information is provided before you leave the Bank.
For Further information, please contact us on 0788536052/ 0787904580.
Thank you.
Done at Kigali on Monday, July 10, 2017.