Sunday, July 23, 2017

TOR of Consultancy in ICT Services

1. Introduction
COPEDU LTD was created    in 1997 as a saving and   Credit   Cooperative    (Sacco), transformed   into a limited liability company   in 2012. It is registered as a company   in Rwanda development Boord (RDB) and licensed by the National Bank of Rwanda.  

COPEDU LTD wishes to recruit the experienced company or independent consultant for server, network and security management related services.
2. Purpose
The purpose of the consultancy is to set up secure computing environment centralized and controlled environment for saving and sharing corporate valuable information trough virtualization.
3. Objectives
The consultant will configure the ICT equipments including servers, SAN storages, tape backups, switches, and firewalls for primary and disaster recovery sites.
4. Scope of Work
The scope of the work includes but not limited to:
  • Reconfigure clustered and storage environment at primary site [Microsoft Hyper-V , Dell servers & SAN Storage ];
  • Migrate VM and non Virtual machines for new virtualized system (Cluster);
  • Installing, configuring backup tape [DELL LPO] at primary site and train for its usage;
  • Create and configure DMZ Network;
  • Configure all network equipments for network security best practices ;
  • Installing and configuring Firewalls [DELL SONIC WALL];
  • Create and configure LAN Switches for VLANs and VPN for external connections
  • Installing and configuring a disaster recovery site [Server, storage, KVM switch and Firewall];
  • Develop effective disaster recovery plan and ensure availability through appropriate backup and restoration systems and procedures;
  • Create Active directory, group based policies, register all users on the domain and train users for the use;
  • Create DNS, file Servers, a centralized sharing area, implement intranet and train users for the same;
  • Improving messaging systems ( Microsoft Exchange  and External Mail systems);
  • Train COPEDU LTD’s IT Team for management and troubleshooting of primary and disaster recovery sites.
5. Deliverables
  • Network topology and diagrams ;
  • Configuration documentation ;
  • Disaster recovery plan and procedures;
  • User Manual where required.
6. Skills required
COPEDU LTD  seeks firm/consultant with at least 5 years of experience   in the   field   of   Server management and virtualization particularly in Dell products installations and configurations, Microsoft Hyper-V virtualization system, development of policies, procedures and similar works done.
7. Work duration
The duration of this consultancy is fixed for 30 days calendar maximum
8. Tender documents   and proposals submission
Interested    firm/consultant   (National)    should   submit   his   offers   including technical     and    financial    in  two   different    envelopes    well   closed    and    marked "Technical    proposal"   or   "Financial   proposal"   with  the  name   and   address  of  the  firm/consultant. The Technical Proposal should contain:
  • Consultant’s Curriculum Vitae (CV).
  • Work completion certificates.
  • Training certificates.
  • Methodology and Timeframe.
The proposals shall be submitted to the following address:
African Union Road,  KN 3Rd Road ,
TEL: (+250)  0252570143   /0252570149, Email:
Proposals must be  presented  in 2 two  copies (Original and copy),  addressed  to the  above   mentioned   address  not  later  than  July  28Th ,  2017  at  3:00  PM  local  time. Late proposal shall be rejected.
9. Proposals opening
The proposals  opening   will  be  held  in the  presence   of  consultants  or  their  representatives wishing  to  attend,   in the  COPEDU LTD conference   room  on 28Th July 2017    at  3:30  PM local  time.
10. Selection and contract signing
After analysis of proposals, COPEDU LTD will notify the winner in writing and call for contract signing. The work is expected to start immediately after contract signing.
COPEDU LTD reserves the right to cancel any or all the proposal without assigning any reason thereof.
Done at Kigali, 21 July 2017

Director General

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