Energy 4 Impact,Agriculture Programme Manager Jobs Vacancy

Closing date: 28 Jan 2018
Energy 4 Impact is a UK charity seeking to reduce poverty in Africa through accelerated access to modern energy products and services. To do this we support the development of a broad range of micro and small businesses and project companies in the energy economy, by providing them with high-quality financial, technical and business management support services so that they can growth and deliver access to energy in of grid areas.
E4I has been operating in Rwanda for over 7 years and
has an established office of 15 staff in Kigali. We works with private investors, energy providers, small and medium sized businesses (SMEs) and micro entrepreneurs to develop affordable and reliable energy services and support growth in the pico-hydro and solar energy sectors. Our activities include:
· Supporting private developers in off-grid electrification, micro-hydropower and associated mini-grid networks, and provide technical and business assistance;
· Productive use support for enterprises located in the newly electrified areas to make the most of the newly available power and hence strengthen economic development
· Energy and agriculture: support the adoption of solar irrigation technology for smallholder’s farmers.
In this context E4I is looking to hire a Programme Manager to manage and lead on the delivery of its Solar Irrigation Programme in Rwanda (SIR).
The Agriculture Programme Manager will lead on the implementation and delivery of the SIR programme. He/ She will be responsible to manage the Programme team and provide strategic and technical advisory assistance on irrigation, farming and financing model/mechanism that are appropriate to the beneficiaries and as to ensure the successful delivery of the programme.
The Programme Manager will design other interventions along the value chain that will attract additional funding for the project. He/ She will also be responsible to raise additional funding to scale up the SIR programme.
He/she will also lead on establishing partnership with development partners with interest in agriculture, local NGOs, farmer cooperatives and government stakeholders, and will work closely with relevant actors in the agriculture value chain to ensure successful introduction of solar irrigation systems to the market and adoption by farmers.
The Programme Manager will be the first point of contact with the Donor and will be responsible for the contractual deliverables of the programme.
Key responsibilities
1) Programme Management:
· Leading the overall and specific programme component planning of activities and resources – providing a framework for implementing the activities over the programme period annually.
· Leading the budget preparations aligned to the programme objectives.
· Ensuring compliance with donor requirements in the procurement, visibility and reporting.
· Working with the M&E Manager to ensure accurate data is collected by project staff, reviewed, analyzed regularly, and that lessons learned inform ongoing operational practice and strategy reviews.
· Preparing and reviewing progress and final Technical & Financial report. Reporting internally and externally as required on the project progress and achievement against targets and work plan. Ensuring that all reports, related to technical and financial aspects, are delivered on time as required internally and as agreed with the donors and that the reports are of high quality.
· Managing expenditure to align with the budgets, ensure timely and accurate financial reporting internally and to donors.
· Organizing monthly steering committee meetings – preparing meeting materials, scheduling, taking meeting, notes and communicating the agreed action.
· Ensuring that the project has adequate personnel – participating in reviewing JDs, recruitment and placement.
· Leading the Programme team with the overall responsibility for results.
· Supporting the Country Managers to set staff performance objectives and targets in their areas of work.
· Providing feedback on the team’s quarterly and annual performance.
· Working with the communications department to document achievements and develop case studies and documentaries for records and for publicity.
· Working with the Directors of Learning and Innovation and the Programme Director in planning and execution of programme progress reviews and site visits by external consultants, officials from donors and other visitors. And ensure lessons learnt are documented and inform the development of the programme and any future programme in Rwanda.
· Working with the Finance Manager to plan and coordinate financial audits and Energy 4 Impact’s management responses.
· Providing the interface with other programmes within Energy 4 Impact.
· Working closely with the Capital access team and Advisory team to ensure projects and businesses are adequately supported.
Specific technical work:
· Provide hands on advice and technical assistance to the programme team to ensure successful implementation of the programme, including: In collaboration with the project Capital Access Officer/Manager support the design of a financial mechanism that is appropriate to the needs of farmers and strengthen engagement with financial institutions
· Establish partnership with other relevant stakeholders as appropriate such as farmer cooperatives, governmental agencies, etc.
· Oversee the performance of the project implementing partner and ensure they deliver according to contractual engagement.
· Work with the relevant government agencies (RAB and REMA) to ensure alignment with their priorities and endorsement when relevant, as well as to reach out to small farmer’s communities.
2) Fundraising/ business development:
· The Programme Manager will be responsible to raise additional funding as require to complement the implementation of the programme as well as to ensure a successful scale up of the programme.
· Work in collaboration with the Business Development (BD) Manager and Country Manager to identify adequate funding opportunities.
· Design in collaboration with the BD manager and Country Manager a fundraising strategy for the programme including: mapping of potential funding opportunities/ donors/ initiatives and engage with them to form partnerships.
· Identify and design innovative interventions along the energy and farming value chain that will create interest among all the players and attract funding from development agencies.
Academic and Professional Qualifications
· Master’s degree in agricultural economics, agribusiness Irrigation Engineering, Rural Engineering, Marketing, and Agronomy
How to apply:
Interested candidates should forward their cover letters and CVS and indicate their minimum salary requirement to on or before 28th February, 2018. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.
Energy 4 Impact is an Equal Opportunity Employer and encourages applications from qualified individuals regardless of race, religion, national origin, sexual orientation or disability.