In-Country Facilitator Jobs Vacancy

Five Year Position until 12/30/2022
Over the course of 5-years, Cornell University seeks to identify and train over 1000 Rwandan youth in hospitality management skills to equip them with the tools needed to successfully manage hospitality organizations.
As the In-Country Facilitator for the Cornell University component of the Rwanda Employment and Enterprise Development Initiative, you will be responsible for the on-the-ground implementation of this trainin
g and development program.  The role includes assisting to identify program participants, facilitating online and in-person coaching sessions, hosting any live in-country events tied to the project and collaborating with team members located on Cornell’s Ithaca Campus.  There will be in-country travel expected to meet with students in the program as well as to identify new program participants.
The position responsibilities include but aren’t limited to:
  •  Facilitate and encourage collaboration in online course discussions boards
  • Grade and provide quality feedback to online discussion posts, projects and assignments
  •  Respond to student questions
  • Complete course administrative tasks: update syllabi, manage assignment due dates, update and post course announcements, and hold office hours
  •  Guide students to successful course and certificate completion
  • Collaborate with eCornell staff on course curriculum and student engagement as needed
  • Travel throughout the country to hold in-person office hours / instructional support
  • Support the Assistant Director in the identification and placement of students into the program
  • Organize and lead in-country events for enrolled students such as kick-off meetings and graduation celebrations
  • Assist in execution of live virtual sessions, acting as an in-person or on-air facilitator
  • Collaborate with Rwanda Employment and Enterprise Development Initiative in-country partners such as Vatel and Mastercard Foundation staff
  • Being available for this 5-year position and living locally in Rwanda
  • Work closely with the Assistant Director at Cornell to execute and report timely on activities outlined in the grant agreement.
  • Collaborate with faculty to assist in their research initiatives as needed.
  • Other duties as assigned
Educational requirements:
  • Bachelor’s with 10 years’ experience in Hospitality or
  • Master’s/PhD with 5 years’ experience in Hospitality
Preferred requirements:
  • International driver’s license
  • Online and/or face-to-face instructional experience preferred
  • Experience living and working in a developing country
Interested candidates should email resume and cover letter to:
Jennifer Mayo
Director of External Relations
Cornell SC Johnson College of Business
289 Statler Hall
Ithaca, New York 14853