Horizon of Excellence (HOREX),Registration for March Professional Learning Intake

Registration for March Professional Learning Intake
The Horizon of Excellence (HOREX) Ltd is a research, consulting and training company legally registered in 2011 under Rwandan Company Law No. 07/2009 of 27/04/2009. The Horizon of Excellence Ltd is mostly involved in capacity development activities for individuals and interested organizations to access and make use of the competitive advantages, and to do their professional jobs in effective and efficient ways.  
The Horizon of Excellence informs the public that it has started registering people who wish to enroll its professional learning programs for the intake that will start on March 1, 2018. Those programs include Monitoring an
d Evaluation (M&E), Data Analysis programs, accounting and statistical software such as SPSS, Stata, R, EVIEWS, etc.  For more details about the courses of every program, please see the attached document.
Each course of every training program above is delivered within one month and the professional certificate is delivered after the successful completion of the program. 
To be registered, you will pay Frw 5,000 and the learning fee is Frw 50,000 per course payable at I&M Bank, Account # 10-5042256-01-06, HORIZON OF EXCELLENCE (HOREX) LTD
Tel.: (250)786669501/0733636370
Umukindo Center Building, 3rd Floor at Gisozi/ Gakiriro (former Gakinjiro)
P.O. Box:  377 Kigali
Email: horizonexcel@horizon-excel.com; horizon.excel@gmail.com