Plan International Rwanda,ToR: Professional Musician/Group of Musicians

Terms of Reference for hiring a Professional musician/group of musicians
1.    Summary
Plan International Rwanda is seeking to recruit a Professional musician/group of musicians who will support groups of talented refugees to write and perform songs and poems during Concert activities under Phase III of Nutrition Education and Counselling (NEC) Project.
The Professional musician/group of musicians will be recruited by Plan International Rwanda, Country Office and he/she will be under Plan International Rwanda supervision. This work is expected to take place in
between mid-February and March 2018 with a possibility to be extended up to June 2018 due to availability of funds
Plan International Rwanda is inviting interested professional musician or group of musicians to submit their technical and financial offers by 13th February 2018 to Plan International Rwanda, Country Office.
2.    Background and Rationale
Plan International Rwanda opened in January 2007 and is currently working in the Eastern and Southern Provinces of Rwanda in the districts of Gatsibo, Bugesera, and Nyaruguru and in all districts hosting 6 refugee camps. The Plan International Rwanda Country Office is located in Kinyinya Sector, Gasabo District of Kigali City.
Plan International Rwanda’s main objective is to improve the quality of life of children, their families as well as their communities through community participation. Its program interventions focus on child poverty alleviation in the domains of education, health and nutrition, water and sanitation, household economic security and child protection.
In 2015, Plan International Rwanda with support of Plan International Canada was awarded a grant by WFP to implement a Nutrition Education and Counselling programme in 6 refugee camps with a focus on improving nutrition-related practices and hygiene behaviors among target populations. Plan International Rwanda signed a partnership agreement with American Refugee Committee to implement together this action.
Rwanda is home to a total of 168,184 refugees including asylum seekers from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and Burundi. The majority of Congolese refugees arrived in Rwanda in 1995-1996 after fleeing conflict in the Eastern DRC, while a further 30,000 escaped from increasing insecurity during 2012 and 2013.
Burundian refugees arrived in Rwanda since April 2015 following violent political protests and mounting insecurity in the country. Refugees in Rwanda face a hazardous food security situation as a result of limited livelihood opportunities, notably lack of access to land for cultivation, and are therefore reliant on WFP food assistance to meet their food and nutrition needs.
A Joint Assessment Mission carried out in early 2014 revealed that challenges to the successful implementation of nutrition programs is linked to behaviors and practices including the selling of food rations, unequal gender norms within the household, inadequate knowledge of infant and child feeding practices on the part of caregivers, and limited ability to prepare specific foods. Moreover, the assessment also highlighted limited skills and knowledge of health personnel and Community Health Workers (CHW) to adequately identify, respond to and prevent malnutrition. This has been linked in part to lack of appropriate training and in part to lack of sensitization and screening tools.
In order to increase the knowledge and capacity of vulnerable refugee communities to adopt and maintain healthy and nutrient-rich diet, we are intending to reach Burundian refugees with concerts. Concerts are another community engagement activity that can be used for transmitting essential information and key messages on nutrition practices. NEC project will deliver this activity in close partnership with the refugees themselves who will write and perform songs, and poems. A hired professional musician/artist will support the refugees as necessary for this activity and songs, and poems will be written and performed with specific nutrition key messages.
3.    Project Goal and Objectives
3.1 Project Goal
To improve the nutritional status of female, adolescent boys and girls refugee children under 5 in the six selected refugee camps in Rwanda by 2018
3.2 Project objectives
Specific Objective 1: To increase the knowledge and capacity of vulnerable refugees communities to adopt and maintain healthy and nutrient-rich diet (66,000 women, 60,000 men)
Specific Objective 2: To enable families with malnourished children restore and maintain healthy nutritious diet as well as prevent malnutrition within the refugee community (66,000 women, 60,000 men).  
Specific Objective 3: To increase access to available sources of income and food diversification among refugees (12,000 beneficiaries (2,000 households with an average of five per household).
Specific Objective 4: To strengthen the coordination, monitoring, knowledge sharing and reporting mechanism of the overall project with relevant stakeholders
4.    Objectives of assignment
4.1 General Objective
The general objective of using concerts is to increase the knowledge and capacity of vulnerable refugee communities in Mahama camp in order to empower them to adopt and maintain healthy and nutrient-rich diet through nutritional songs and poems developed by talented refugees in close partnership with professional musician or group of musicians.
4.2 Specific Objectives
  • To increase the knowledge and understanding of at least 3,000 refugees on the importance of a balanced diet for themselves and their children.
  • Develop the talent of 36 refugees (2 per village) by giving them the nutritional key messages and the support of professional musicians and actors so that they can write and perform their songs related to nutrition practices in professional way.
  • To encourage the refugees about using their talent in transmitting the constructive ideas and messages that will support in behavioral change processes towards health and development practices.
  • To attract big number of different beneficiaries at least 2,000 people with 30% of men in nutrition activities including women, their partners and youths in the camps.
5.    Expected Results / Key Deliverables.
  • The knowledge of 3,000 refugees on the importance of a balanced diet for themselves and their children are increased through nutritional messages received from developed songs and poems in Mahama refugee camp.
  • The talent of at least 36 refugees (2 per village) is improved due to technical support of professional musician (s).
  • Talented refugees are encouraged, supported and are able to provide a great personal contribution to themselves and their society by communicating messages related to nutrition and counselling education that will support in behavioral change processes towards health and development practices to their community.
  • 2,000 direct beneficiaries including pregnant, lactating mothers, their partners, youth (both boys & girls) with 30% of men are involved in nutrition activities.
  • Children and youth (who form a big number of attendant at concerts) are took the lead and share the messages with their parents which will improve the number of people that are aware of a balanced diet and its importance.
6.    Methodology
In Mahama camp, upon discussions and agreement with UNHCR, MIDIMAR, Camp Manager and Refugees leaders, NEC will deliver this activity in the following two sessions:
A.    Training of identified talented refugees
At the beginning, senior nutrition officer in Mahama will identify available 36 talented refugees/artist (2 per village) in close collaboration with youth representatives and camp committee members.
The identified talented refugees will receive a two days of training/coaching from selected professional musicians on how to develop a good art, how to write it, how to ensure that the message are transmitted in good way, how to pre-test it in the targeted audience and how to perform at the stage. The trained refugees will receive the nutritional key messages to develop their songs and poems for future performances.
B.    Conducting 2 Concert, awarding and audio-video production
The second session will be to conduct a 2 competitions concerts. This session will depend on availability of funds and project extension from April 2018.
The selected talented refugees will perform from 1st concert and the best performers will be selected for passing the first to second competition which will be the final. At this step, the professional musician (s) together with senior nutrition officer will be the judges (will provide feedback to performers), and after selection of best performers, the professional musicians will perform their songs to entertain the attendees before concert closure. The second concert (final) will be attended by those talented artists who performed well and passed from first concert.
The judges will select the 3 best performers in songs and poems that will be awarded by Plan International Rwanda, whereas the first 2 songs will be recorded and an audio video produced by professional national studio for knowledge management.
After completion of each above session (A&B), the selected professional musician (s) will provide a report of completion to Plan International Rwanda. The report will provide the detailed information on numbers and gender of participants from the beginning, work done including pictures and the summary of audio video if any (documentary story).
7.    Profile of professional musician (s) needed
The selected professional musician (s) will support refugees as required to develop well the poems & songs, be written and performed with specific messages related to Nutrition issue. The professional musician or group of musicians will be recruited following several criteria such as:
  • expertise in writing songs & performance;
  • Popularity;
  • Self-discipline and good time management skills;
  • The ability to work well as part of a team;
  • Good communication and interpersonal skills;
  • Patience and understanding;
  • Determination and perseverance;
  • Reliability and flexibility;
  • Stamina and dedication;
  • Wide repertoire of music;
  • Ability to have a panel of judges composed by at least two musicians.
  • Ability to bring a mobile soundtrack/stage during concert activities in 2 days
  • Ability to respect the rights of the child and of refugees
  • Working with non-government organization in nutrition education sector and in refugee camp context would be an added value.
8.    Target group

The target group comprises of Burundians refugees at large with a focus on talented refugees, pregnant and lactating mothers and their partners, women in reproductive age, health workers, and camp executive committees. We are targeting to reach at least 3,000 people during 2 concert performances that will be conducted among Mahama camp.
9.    Timeline
The selected professional musician (s) will provide support to refugees (first session) from mid of February 2018 up to March 2018. The second session of concerts will be conducted from April based on funds availability. The professional musician (s) must be available during this period to ensure the availability of his/her presence when needed. This is because the exact time to conduct a concert in the camp may vary due to several reasons and realities from camp management.  The professional musician should be reliable and flexible towards the time approved by MIDIMAR camp manager and guidelines provided. The detailed work plan will be discussed after selection.
10.    Financial resources:
This activity is funded by Plan International Rwanda through Nutrition Education and Counseling Project funded by World Food Program.
11.    How to apply
Interested professional musicians (s) are expected to submit a detailed proposal with the following components:
1.1    Administrative documents
Each bidder shall submit the following documents
  • Copy of Company Registration certificate
  • VAT Registration
  • RRA and RRSB clearance
11.2    Technical proposal to include:
  • A one page Consultant’s understanding of the TOR
  • A profile of professional musician (s) / company including the full names, physical addresses, telephone numbers, e-mails and contact person; names of directors if applicable
  • Personal CVs of musician (s) who will lead the coaching/training and who will act as judges; and the CV of studio who will record and produce audio videos songs.
  • At least 2 References from other clients
11.3    Financial proposal (all taxes inclusive) detailing:

  • The financial proposal must be submitted separately based on each session (session A and B)
  • The financial proposal must be in Rwandan francs.
12.    Deadline for Application
The deadline for application is scheduled on 12th February 2018. Applications must be submitted in hard copies and should be delivered to Plan International Rwanda, Country Office, Plot 821, Gasabo District, Kagugu Sector, Gacuriro Cell in Kigali City.
Technical and financial bids must be sealed and placed in a sealed envelope clearly marked: ‘Tender for concert activity in Mahama refugee camp / NEC Project, Phase III’’.
For further details please contact the reception of Plan International Rwanda at +250 788305392. Only successful bidders will be notified and Plan International Rwanda reserves the right to reject any of the bids.

Prepared by:                                    Reviewed by:                             Approved by:
BIZUMUKIZA Esther                      Gad MUGIRANEZA                UMFUYISONI Mediatrice
Nutrition Project Coordinator         YES Manager                            Acting   PSM