Provision of Staff Medical insurance for a duration of one year

Date: February 2nd ,2018
Invitation to Tender (ITT) Reference No: SCI-RWA-ITT-2018/02/001
Save the Children invites your submission of a tender to provide service in accordance with the conditions detailed in the attached documents. Save the Children intends to issue a contract for the following service: Provision of Staff Medical insurance for a duration of one year
Interested Service Providers are advised t
o collect tender documents at save the children offices starting Monday  February 5th, 2018.
NYARUTARAMA KG 9AV, #23, Remera Sector.
Gasabo District, Kigali-Rwanda
We include the following information for your review:
  • Part 1: Tender Information
  • Part 2: Conditions of Tendering
  • Part 3: Terms and Conditions of Purchase (which will be signed by the successful Bidder)
  • Part 4: Save the Children’s Child Safeguarding Policy
  • Part 5: Save the Children’s Anti-Bribery and Corruption Policy
  • Part 6 : Save the Children’s Human Trafficking and Modern Slavery Policy
  • Part 7: The IAPG Code of Conduct
Your tender response must be received in the following format:
  • Full completion of the “Tender Response” document in order that your tender may be regarded as compliant. Those tenders returned not completed may be treated as void. 
  • Two hard copies of bid to be submitted on headed paper. 
  • Bids to be submitted in a sealed envelope, addressed to Save the Children Country Director
  • The envelope should indicate the ITT reference number, but have no other details relating to the bid. 
Your return tender must be received at the address above not later than February 22nd, 2018  at 5:00PM ("the Closing Date"). Failure to meet the Closing Date may result in the tender being void. Returned bids must remain open for consideration for a period of not less than 60 days from the Closing Date.  Save the Children is under no obligation to award the contract or to award it to the lowest bidder.
Should you require further information or clarification on the tender requirements, please contact SCI-Supply Chain Team in writing at the following address:
We look forward to receiving a tender from you and thank you for your interest in our account.
Yours faithfully,