VSO, Field Operations Officers Jobs Vacancies

Different Locations, Rwanda
As per VSO salary structure
Full Time, 35 hours per week
About VSO
VSO is the world's leading development organisation that works through volunteers to fight poverty. We are unique in the way we bring people together to share their skills and experience, generate insights and i
deas and, most of all, take action against poverty and exclusion. It's a highly effective approach that works, and today is helping millions of people in some of the world's poorest communities lift themselves out of poverty.
Role overview
Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
1) Support planning: Support the District Coordinator (DC) in preparing, submitting and securing advance approval of the following plans submitted weekly, monthly, quarterly and annually:
  • Program implementation plans
  • Budget implementation plans
  • Monitoring and evaluation plans
  • Procurement and logistics plans
  • Performance and leave plans
2) Support implementation: Following the different plans above, the FOO will organise timely operations and logistics support needed for the smooth implementation of these plans by week and month. This will include operations and logistics needs for VSO staff, volunteers, partners and relevant stakeholders. It will require the FOO to understand the interrelated nature of the plans to ensure synergy and good value for money.
3) Support field monitoring: Following the weekly and monthly implementation schedule, the FOO will support field monitoring activities including visits by project team, Senior Management Team (SMT) or external parties. This will include advance preparation and mobilisation of relevant stakeholders engaged in the field visits. It will require the FOO to understand the field complexity to ensure realistic field monitoring schedules and expectations.
4) Support regular reviews: Support preparations for monthly project review and planning meetings and the quarterly joint programme review meetings (PRMs). This will include mobilising participants, arranging the logistics and finance supported needed for project staff, volunteers and partners to participate. It requires advance planning and proper coordination to avoid last minute panic, delay and frustrations. The FOO will support DC to ensure review actions well documented, shared and implemented within agreed timeframe.
5) Support reporting: Following established reporting system, the FOO will support the PDC to ensure that a reporting schedule is prepared, monitored and implemented in a timely manner. This includes supporting the documentation of specific information needed for reporting. It includes following up volunteers and partners to submit reports in a timely manner and proper storage of final reports approved by PM. It requires the FOO to ensure procurement, logistics and finance reports are prepared in timely manner.
6) Support partnerships: Support the District Coordinator in maintaining mutual partnerships with district, local partners and primary actors in the communities. It involves maintaining respectful communication in all collaboration and coordination activities. This involves understanding how the project activity aligns with government plans and contributes to district priorities. It involves building good relationships with district officials where the project is being implemented. It requires the FOO to be diplomatic, collaborative, and with relationship and negotiation skills, able to gather and share relevant intelligence in a timely manner.
7) Support visibility: In line with VSO and donor visibility requirements for the project, the FOO will support the DC to implement the visibility plans for the project. This includes developing quality communications materials and ensuring these materials are well utilised for visibility. It involves ensuring good visibility during field activities implementation, all internal and external communications and joint events. It requires the PO to understand VSO and donor visibility requirements well.
8) Support volunteer management: The FOO will ensure volunteer housing and start-up support is organised well in advance with good value for money. The FOO will also support the DC in managing volunteers’ leave plans and utilisation, performance objectives and reviews, volunteer safety and duty of care and partner relations. This requires the FOO to understand the programme and volunteer management policies well.
9) Financial support: In line with VSO financial manual, the FOO will ensure that VSO staff, volunteers and partners work advance is processed and accounted for in time. This will include timely submission of work advance requests with sufficient support documents, follow-up on payment on all projects liabilities, goods and services supplied and timely reporting to finance for payment. The FOO will ensure goods and services supplied reflect value for money, carry out spot checks to ensure effective and efficient utilization of project resources. This will require collaborating well with the finance team to ensure transparency, accountability and value for money
10) Compliance and management: The FOO should be able to greatly assist the Project Manager (PM) in ensuring the various VSO policies, procedures and donor regulations applicable to projects implemented with regards to program, finance, procurement, logistics, security, HR, and administration are closely followed.
11) Budget Management and expenditure forecasting: The FOO should have the ability to work closely with the project manager as regards effective budget management through offering valuable guidance and advice to the PM and project team. Should also be in a position to help break down the project activities into phases and carry out cash flow forecasting for the projects expenditures in terms of cash requirements.
12) Cash handling/Cash management: The FOO will be largely relied upon as the custodian of field office cash float by critically monitoring cash advances to volunteers.
13) Security: The FOO will be an individual that can be relied upon in monitoring and giving security updates in the districts of operation. He/she will be responsible for the district security management and ensure the security of volunteers, staff, premises, materials and assets. He/she should be able to analyse the social environment in the area, assess any risks, monitor and report the security situation.
14) Events management: The FOO will be charged with arranging and scheduling all project events, ensuring that the schedule is feasible and suitable for all participants. He/she will also ensure proper documentation of events preparation and reporting on the outcome of event.
15) Vehicle and Motorcycles management: The FOO will manage day by day vehicle and motorcycle utilisation, check and provide monthly analysis and report on fuel efficiency for the vehicle allocated to regional office and level of individual projects use to the Finance.
16) Any other relevant duties assigned from time to time.
Skills, qualifications and experience required
Qualifications, attributes and Skills
I. Bachelor degree in Business administration, Administration sciences, or relevant course from a reputable University;
II. Extensive field experience in operations, Logistics, Procurement and IT
III. At least 3-4 years of relevant experience supporting complex field programmes;
IV. Excellent interpersonal skills: relationships, networking and coordination skills;
V. Hands-on experience in handling programme procurement, logistics and finances;
VI. Excellent communications, analytical writing, presentation and public relations skills;
VII. Experience in working with and supporting a wide range of field-based volunteers and staff;
VIII. Excellent spoken and writing skills in English and Kinyarwanda. French is added advantage;
IX. Valid driving license (Class B).
VSO reserves the right to close this job early if we receive a sufficient number of applications.
How to apply
If you’re interested in applying for this role, please download the job description to read more details about the position and the skills and experience we’re looking for. To submit your application, click on ‘Apply now and complete all relevant fields on the online application form.
Application closing date: 16th March 2018
Interview/Assessment date(s)
To be advised
Start date
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