WfWI-Rwanda,Development of a change agents programme consultancy

Women for Women International-Rwanda (WfWI-Rwanda) has been implementing its core program to improve women’s lives and their families since 1997 and is operating in 7 Districts of Kayonza, Muhanga, Rwamagana, Gasabo, Kicukiro, Bugesera and Nyaruguru.  WfWI Rwanda trains women on how to earn an income, to become decision makers, to have their own social networks and safety networks to help them deal with challenges facing their families and communities.
Globally, we have recently introduced a ‘Change Agents’ programme for graduates of our core programme, helping them to further develop key knowledge and skills gained and to take them to the next level, specifically focusing on advocacy and leadership. This programme therefore not only support
s graduates’ influence on decision-making and connecting to networks, but also enables more long-term change through advocacy.
In each country where we work, our Change Agent programme provides select women graduates of WfWI’s 12-month program with advanced leadership and advocacy skills. Through training and follow-up support (provided by WfWI-Rwanda) these Change Agents will take action on issues of concern to women at local level, with a particular focus on addressing violence against women and girls (VAWG) and promoting women’s economic empowerment. The Change Agents are women who will act as catalyst for the change process toward improvement of women’s rights in these two areas at community level.
1.    Project Overview:
WfWI-Rwanda is seeking an experienced consultant to adapt and localise a draft of the Change Agent’s advocacy curriculum for women graduates of WfWI-Rwanda’s core programme. This will include:
  • Revise the draft provided by WfWI
  • Share revised draft with WfWI (Rwanda, HQ and UK) for comments. Incorporate feedback to produce final draft. NB the final draft must be approved before field visits can take place.
  • Field visits to test parts of the final draft to ensure that the content and approach of delivery is relevant for the women we serve and that the selection criteria and process are appropriate. NB these visits should…
  • Finalising the curriculum based on findings from field visits and comments from WfWI (Rwanda, HQ and UK).
  • Train WfWI-Rwanda staff to deliver the curriculum.
We invite applications from individuals or organisations with expertise in developing women’s rights and advocacy training programmes in Rwanda.
2.    Deliverables:
The consultant will be responsible for delivering the following outputs within 8 weeks:
  • Revised draft of Change Agent curriculum. This should include detailed selection criteria (and process), clear learning objectives, training modules with easy to understand content for a semi-literate audience, clear activities, and additional materials for trainers to refer to.
  • Final draft of the Change Agent curriculum i.e. the revised draft with amends following WfWI feedback.
  • Report on field visits – detailing the visits and recording lessons, etc.
  • Change Agent curriculum. This will incorporate any changes following the outcomes of the field visits as well as any final comments from WfWI.
  • 2 days training for WfWI trainers in the curriculum.
3.    Budget:
The budget for this project is $7,500 USD. This must cover all costs associated with the outputs (including field visits and any necessary expenses).
A full and detailed budget must be included in the application.
4.    Essential skills and experience:
  • Expertise in women’s rights programming in Rwanda;
  • Expertise in grassroots advocacy programming;
  • Experience and understanding of grassroots advocacy on VAW and women’s economic empowerment;
  • Experience developing and designing training materials with a particular focus on gender;
  • Ability to quickly incorporate feedback and respond to work to strict/tight deadlines;
  • Strong written skills in English;
  • Fluent in English.
How to Apply
All interested candidates must submit the following:
  • A covering letter outlining your suitability for the project and your most updated CV.
  • A draft work plan that outlines the timeframe and approach for meeting the deliverables,
  • focusing on the development of the Change Agents curriculum (using participatory methods).
  • A detailed budget for the work plan.
  • Examples of similar work completed and 3 Professional references.
Interested applicants are requested to read and complete very carefully the following application form. Deadline for submission of application is Friday 16th of February 2018.
Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.