Tubibe Amahoro (TA) Construction of Water Kiosks (Request for proposals)

Tubibe Amahoro (TA) is a not-for-profit organization created in 1995. Its vision is to “Achieve a society of equity in which laws and human rights are respected by everyone”. Its mission consists of “Promoting respect of human rights and integral socioeconomic progress of Rwandan population emphasizing on gender promotion, local economic development, and education of rights”.

Request for Quotation for Construction of Water Kiosks
TUBIBE AMAHORO Association, is a not for profit organization, community based currently operating in Karongi and Ngororero districts of western province, and Burera district in Northern Province. Its main goal is to achieve a society in which laws and rights are respected by everyone, and its mission is to promote respect of human rights and integral socioeconomic progress of Rwandan population emphasizing civic participation and justice, sustainable community livelihoods and gender promotion. Hence, TUBIBE AMAHORO in partnership with ActionAid Rwanda support poor and excluded people to eradicate poverty and injustice by the means of community participation, empowerment and community capacity building.

TUBIBE AMAHORO invites proposals for:
Lot 1: Construction of water Kiosks
Required documents for submission:
  1. Bid Submission Letter
  2. Original Bank slip for payment of 10,000Rwfs of the Tender document
  3. A valid and notarial tax clearance document from RRA
  4. VAT registration certificate
  5. A valid and notarial clearance document from Rwanda Social Security Board
  6. At least three  certificates of successful completion of supply of similar items
  7. Bank certificate demonstrating that the supplier is eligible to benefit the overdraft or bank loan of at least ten million Rwandan francs (Frws 10, 000,000) to ensure the successful implementation of the contract in case the supplier wins this tender.

A complete set of tender documents may be obtained by interested candidates upon payment of non-refundable fees of 10,000Rwfs payable to account number 00087-000699128-32 named TA-FLOW II Project opened in Bank of Kigali.

Interested contractors, qualified and legally registered in Rwanda to execute such works may obtain the complete set of tender documents from TUBIBE AMAHORO HEAD OFFICE, located in Karongi district, Bwishyura sector, B.P. 110, Tel: 0789978658/0788924180 during normal working hours. Completed tender documents are to be enclosed in sealed envelopes marked with tender reference number and be deposited to: TUBIBE AMAHORO HEAD OFFICE, located in Karongi district, Bwishyura sector so as to be received on or before March 26th, 2018 not later than 05:00PM local time. Prices quoted should be net inclusive of all taxes and delivery must be in Rwandan francs and shall remain valid until the closing date of the tender.

Done in Karongi, March 05th, 2018
Kabano Célestin
Executive Secretary of TUBIBE AMAHORO


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