Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA) Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist Job Vacancy

Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA) was founded as a government agency on April 1, 1991, to maximize the effectiveness of South Korea's grant aid programs for developing countries by implementing the government's grant aid and technical cooperation programs as well as promoting sustainable development, strengthening partnerships with developing partners, and enhancing the local ownership of beneficiaries.

Contributing to poverty reduction and sustainable development of the Republic of Rwanda in line with Vision 2020 of the Republic of Rwanda and Country Partnership Strategy of the Republic of Korea; further strengthening the partnership of the two countries
In order to implement the RCSP (Rural Community Support Project), KOICA Rwanda Office seeks to hire a highly qualified, dedicated and experienced Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist; .

 (Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist)
Position: The M & E Specialist is responsible for monitoring all detailed activities, so ensuring the accountabilities of every single implementation of the Project. Based on monitoring results, he or she is engaged in identifying risk factors of the Project and conducting risk management under guidance by Project Manager. In addition to monitoring and risk management, he or she is requested to carry out administrative works in order to support effective implementation of the Project.

 Terms of References (ToR)
Review and Adjustments to the RCSP Logical Framework
  • Review the existing RCSP logical framework collaboratively with the relevant stakeholders based on evaluation results;
  • Coordinate and successfully carry out strategic logical framework workshops with the relevant stakeholders;
  • Carry out necessary adjustments to the RCSP logical framework and drawing up a revised RCSP logical framework for approval by the SPIU, KOICA and key stakeholders;
  • Assist with the incorporation of the adjusted RCSP logical framework into the M&E system design.

Improvement of the RCSP M&E System
  • Review the existing RCSP M&E plans and implementation collaboratively with the SPIU and PCU/KOIC;
  • Improve the RCSP M&E plans for approval by the SPIU and KOICA;
  • Draw up a detailed implementation plan of revised RCSP M&E plans;
  • Integrate revised RCSP M&E plans and their detailed implementation plans with the existing SPIU M&E system;
  • Prepare the necessary documentation and materials needed for M&E training workshops for the relevant stakeholders, if needed.

Implementation of the RCSP M&E
  1. i) To monitor every single detailed activity at sub-project sites, and report results of monitoring to Project Manager and Project Liaison Manager;
  2. ii) To summarize detailed implementation plans, including timeline, in-charge, and progress, and report them to the Project Manager and Project Liaison Manager;
  • iii) To review and update existing baseline survey data and report, and conduct field surveys to measure performance including baseline survey/analysis and reporting, especially, new sub-project sites, Bwanya, and Rwinkwavu;
  1. iv) To monitor outputs of activities for every crop season and report them to Project Manager;
  2. v) To manage Result Frame Works through regular discussion with Project Manager, Project Liaison Manager. and various stakeholder;
  3. vi) Based on monitoring results, identify risk factors of the Project implementation, and report them to Project Manager and Project Coordinator;
  • vii) To develop risk management methods through discussion with various stakeholder;
  • viii) To implement risk management methods under the guidance of Project Manager;
  1. ix) To support reporting works of PCU;
  2. x) To support effective communication and organizing meetings; and
  3. xi) To manage documentation;

Documentation and Reporting for the RCSP
  • Coordinate and produce periodic performance reports on the RCSP implementation and performance for the SPIU and key stakeholders, including KOICA;
  • Develop and produce performance reports for special purposes as directed by the Project Manager/RCSP PCU/KOICA;
  • Prepare and present an annual performance report on the RCSP to the KOICA and the key stakeholders, including SPIU/MINAGRI.

Qualifications: Education/Knowledge/Technical Skills and Experience
  • A Master’s Degree, having at least 5 years’ experience in the Project Monitoring and Evaluation (M & E) with a major focus on related position/expertise; or a Bachelor Degree, having at least 7 years in the Project Monitoring and Evaluation (M & E) with a major focus on related position/expertise.
  • Training related to the position/expertise.
  • Good English ability for reporting and communication.

Technical Skills & Abilities:
  • Strong project management skills
  • Strong capacity building skills
  • Sound knowledge of the Rwanda context in terms of related position/expertise
  • Proven negotiation and networking skills
  • Good Computer skill of MS Office, SPSS, STATA.
  • Excellent command on both written and spoken English and Kinyarwanda.
  • Pleasing personality, good interpersonal skill.
  • Belief in KOICA’s vision, mission and core values

 Working Environment / Conditions:
Work environment: Fully based in the field at the cluster level 

The salary is commensurate with qualifications and experience: The salary level will be based on the LWH-RSSP-RCSP, SPIU/MINAGRI level

How to apply: 
* Interested candidates are required to submit an application form (refer to attached "Application Form") addressed to Country Director of the KOICA Rwanda Office, enclosed and sealed with an "Work Plan", a notarized copy of degree certificates and of past work certificates in related field to the reception of the KOICA Rwanda Office in Nyarutarama, Golf course road, KG 34 by 16:00, 21st of September 2018.
* The "Work Plan" must be written within 3 pages in English. The relevant experience will only be effective with a hard copy of the certificates presented at submission and candidates must not be in employment elsewhere when accepting the job offer.
* Submitted copies of letter and documents are not to be returned.
* Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted for interviews.
We are looking forward to receiving your application.